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The dance podcast where movers and shakers like you get the information and inspiration you need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. Master mover, Dana Wilson, taps into 15 years of industry experience, and talks to some of the best in the entertainment biz, who have been there and done that so that you don’t have to… do it alone.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. #89 Where Natural Meets Magical with Reshma Gajjar

    Reshma Gajjar had to be my first interview back after vocal cord surgery no doubt about it.  In this episode, Reshma and I discuss the importance of humanness in dance and how silence and meditation can help to achieve it.  She also speaks about how stepping away from dance helped ...


  2. Ep. #88 Lessons Learned from 21 Days of Silence

    You know me as a dancer/ choreographer, you know me as a talker, but I am ALSO a person who WRITES… in a journal.  You better believe I journaled the crap out of my 10 days of silence that turned into 21 days of silence post vocal cord surgery.  I ...


  3. Ep. #87 Replay: Ep. #29 Movement Matters with Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge

    This week’s replay is so special because my guests were SO special. Welcome to the world of Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberg where good questions are met with GREAT answers. These humans bring so much thought into their words, movement, and world and I couldn’t be happier that they are ...


  4. Ep. #86 Replay: Ep. #21 Not Booking (AKA Not Getting What You Want)

    On our third replay of August, take a listen to Not Booking, AKA not getting what you want. With the world reopening again, this can be a GREAT topic to revisit. What do you do when you’re not booked and blessed? Come explore in this episode the wonderful world of ...


  5. Ep. #85 Replay: Ep. #3 Dance Lessons are Life Lessons With Chloe Arnold

    On our second replay of the month, take a dive into my 3rd episode with the lovely Emmy nominated and master teacher Chole Arnold. If knowledge is power… this episode is a superhero! I talked to Chloe about the education that didn’t only land her at the top of the ...