211. Caroline M. Diamond & Riley Higgins: Skeleton Crew Extraordinaires

Episode 211 June 12, 2024 01:02:30
211. Caroline M. Diamond & Riley Higgins: Skeleton Crew Extraordinaires
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
211. Caroline M. Diamond & Riley Higgins: Skeleton Crew Extraordinaires

Jun 12 2024 | 01:02:30


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Caroline M. Diamond co-hosts with Dana Wilson and guest Riley Higgins on the Words That Move Me Podcast this week! Caroline and Riley recently joined Dana in her Skeleton Crew for Paula Abdul’s new tour! What IS a skeleton crew? Why is it essential? How can skeleton crew prep be challenging? What do skeleton crew dancers/choreographers do, and how do you get good at it?... We unpack all of it, and we touch on how being competitive dancers positioned us for our professional work (for better and for worse). Listen in to hear a few tips for creating prototypes for your work, tricks for managing impostor syndrome, and many breaks for laughter.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: So if you're also not the favorite in your dance class, keep persevering because you will end up sticking with it other than the people who were the favorites. And then now. No shade, no hate. You have babies now, and that's fine. No, it's fine. Success means differently to everybody. But just know if you're 14 going through the depths of hell and at your ugliest point of life, you will come out on top. [00:00:33] Speaker B: What? I said, ready, set. And she started to lick my shins. Riz, that's not what we do on go. That's not what we do on go. Okay. Hi, I'm Dana. Welcome to words that move me. This is fun. Okay. Hello, my friend. I'm Dana. This is my dog, wrist roll, aka Riz. And this is words that move me. Really fun episode today. Unusual format. Look out. We have a co host situation. The one and only Caroline diamond will be joining us today. She is a riot. She is a talent. She is a force to be reckoned with. And she's also my dear friend. And I'm so excited to share what she has to say with you today. We're talking specifically about skeleton crew experiences. We're talking about live shows. We're talking about knowing your audience and the importance of that in all circumstances, including skeleton rooms and skeleton. Yeah, skeleton rooms, skeleton crew rooms and beyond. She's got a lot of great questions and even more fantastic jokes. So you do not want to miss this. Please stick around. But first we're going to do wins, my boo briz. Bye. No. Just gotta take time to teach the dog to not lick. All right. No, leave it. Sit. Good girl. Today I'm celebrating having a very well trained dog who soon will be joining me in rehearsal processes. Riz had her first set visit to rehearsal thanks to Auntie Higgins. You had a great time at the rehearsal space, didn't you, dog? She is becoming a dog who can be behaved enough to be at rehearsal. Even though right now her chin is hanging below her shoulders because I brought the spray bottle out. She does not like the spray bottle, my friends. Anyways, that's what I'm celebrating. I'm celebrating fusing my puppy mom life with my professional life. That is really exciting and fun. How about you? What's going well in your world? Fantastic. Congratulations. Please keep on winning. And also, please keep laughing. It is important in this episode. Caroline. Oh, my gosh. I didn't introduce you. I forgot to tell you. This is important. Caroline. Co hosting episode with me with guest. Guest. So I'm a guest. And Riley Higgins, our executive assistant and editor, is also a guest. We are talking all about the skeleton crew process for a couple numbers. For the one and only Paula Abdul. She is going on tour. I got to choreograph a couple numbers. Riley and Caroline both joined me as skeleton crew, and we're talking about that process because I think I haven't talked much about it on the podcast, and a lot of people have questions about it. So we're going in on skeletons and more. Please enjoy the two end onlys, Riley Higgins and Caroline diamond. That was a step touch. Caroline diamond, welcome to my podcast. Now you welcome me. [00:04:22] Speaker A: Welcome to the podcast. The hostess with the mostest, Dana Wilson. [00:04:26] Speaker B: No, no, no. You're hosting this one. [00:04:27] Speaker A: Okay. [00:04:28] Speaker B: Okay. We'll co host this. [00:04:29] Speaker A: We're co hosting it together. [00:04:30] Speaker B: But I am so here and so prepared to be answering your questions. Ooh wee. We're gonna talk. Specifically, I wanna talk about the skeleton crew process. I think it's something that a lot of people, that a lot of people have questions about and have never talked about on the podcast. You were recently involved in a skeleton process of mine. I was. And so kindly, I thought that you might be a good person to do a little cross interview action. And then all of a sudden, a cross interview turned into me just taking the backseat and you drive and me. [00:05:01] Speaker A: Just taking a smoke break and a coffee break. Well, let me off frame. [00:05:05] Speaker B: I'll start by saying you're one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Whenever I see your little icon pop up in my stories, I go directly to it and I'm like, what does Caroline diamond have to say? I've always thought that you would make a great podcast host. Thank you. Because while you treat your stories like a podcast, you're, like, talking about what's important to you. You're talking about what you think is shitty. You're talking about, you do great book reviews. [00:05:30] Speaker A: Thank you. [00:05:31] Speaker B: You are quite a reader. [00:05:33] Speaker A: I do like to chomp on some books. [00:05:35] Speaker B: You read? [00:05:36] Speaker A: Yeah. Quickly. Yeah. [00:05:38] Speaker B: Because I recall one weekend that there were multiple book reviews. [00:05:42] Speaker A: I think one week. I read three books in a week. Yeah. But I'm not reading textbooks, okay. I know what genre I like, which is thriller. I like a little spook, which is. Yeah, but it's crazy because when I watch thrillers on tv, I'm like, oh, my God. [00:05:58] Speaker B: No. [00:05:58] Speaker A: It's something with the imagination where I close the book and it closes my mind and I walk away. [00:06:02] Speaker B: Wow. [00:06:03] Speaker A: But when I watch it on, the. [00:06:04] Speaker B: Images stay on your eyeballs. [00:06:05] Speaker A: It's imprinted. We're visual learners. I love a little romantic comedy. Yeah, I love a little. Little pitter patter. And then I love a memoir. Like, let me tell. Let me hear about your life. Let me hear about all the inner workings. [00:06:19] Speaker B: Makes you a potential podcast host. If you love the inner workings, if you love a life story like, this is really it for you. So welcome to the podcast. Thank you for being here. I'm excited to talk to you. And I'm excited to talk back to. [00:06:36] Speaker A: Me talk at you. [00:06:37] Speaker B: I'm excited to be talked at. I usually prepare a lot for interviews, and I haven't prepared today with anything other than that. I love and respect you. I've seen you do stand up. I've danced with you. I've seen your dance. I love your dancing. And we got to share a very special skeleton crew. A couple weeks ago, I'm choreographing for Paula Abdul. Caroline diamond got to. Yeah. Can we pause for that? How special that is. Camera one. [00:07:05] Speaker A: Camera two. Camera three. [00:07:06] Speaker B: Three. [00:07:07] Speaker A: All the cameras. [00:07:08] Speaker B: It's very cool. And you were part of my skeleton crew for opposites track, which I think we can all agree. Camera three, two, one. What was it again? One, two, three. Whatevs. That's a great song. It's iconic. It's a really. I had to deal with a fair amount of imposter syndrome heading into that process because, number one, how are you gonna be Paula Abdul's choreographer? Actually, she's one of the greatest of all time. [00:07:35] Speaker A: It's a very heavy load to bear. [00:07:36] Speaker B: Heavy load. They are very big, small shoes to fill. I'm pretty sure she's like a five and a half, so that's funny. That was really intense. Thank you. That was funny. It was really intense. What stood out to you about that process? That's my question for you. And then you go. [00:07:51] Speaker A: And then I go. And then we go. And then we're just playing volleyball. [00:07:54] Speaker B: When I dip. You dip? We dip. [00:07:55] Speaker A: Bop. [00:07:56] Speaker B: Seven serving sounds. [00:07:58] Speaker A: I love skeleton crews personally, because it's a lot less pressure for me as a dancer, because sometimes when you're booked on the job, you have to pull up and make sure you really hit everything and be amazing and all those things. But sometimes skeleton crew, like, you don't necessarily, like, get it that day and, like, I'm a day two dancer. [00:08:19] Speaker B: Ooh, okay, that's interesting you say that because our skeleton crew was only one day. [00:08:25] Speaker A: It was so. That was a good, nice challenge for me to be like, we're filming right there, if I can say it. We did a little pasta down blade section. [00:08:34] Speaker B: Oh, guess what it cut. [00:08:37] Speaker A: No, that's also the thing with skeleton cruise is we can do something and it's like, yeah, we're killing it. And then they're like, actually, let's do 50% of all of this. Maybe even 30% of all of this. Yeah, it's usually, let's chop. [00:08:51] Speaker B: We got the trim. Trim. We got the trim. And that's okay because you got to learn a paso doble that day. I got to create a paso doble with the one and only Gleb Cevchenko. Super shout out, my friend. [00:09:02] Speaker A: Super shout out. [00:09:03] Speaker B: Thank you for that help. Cause, woof. I would've been swimming in the sauce. Doggy paddling. I think we might be able to repurpose it for another number, but yes. So that day was exciting for you. Cause you got to learn many different things. [00:09:17] Speaker A: Oh, my God. [00:09:18] Speaker B: And you were put on the spot and having. We had to capture because. [00:09:21] Speaker A: Totally. [00:09:22] Speaker B: She has to see it and she has to sign off and she has to like, that's. [00:09:24] Speaker A: And I'm like, oh, my God. Paula's gonna see this footage of me. I better point my feet. [00:09:28] Speaker B: So you thought you were a day two dancer, and then I turned into. [00:09:31] Speaker A: A day one dancer. [00:09:32] Speaker B: That's fun. [00:09:33] Speaker A: She's a day one er. [00:09:34] Speaker B: That's fun. [00:09:35] Speaker A: What was that process like for you? Like, going into opposites, attract, being like, I wanna tap onto all these things. Is it too much? Is it not enough? [00:09:43] Speaker B: Oh, interesting. So I was delivering on what was laid out for me. [00:09:49] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:09:49] Speaker B: So there was a really clear. Philip and Mackenzie Shabib are the creative directors. And they had choreo references, they had wardrobe references, they had, you know, give. [00:10:01] Speaker A: Me a mood board. [00:10:02] Speaker B: Give me the moodiest of boards. Give me that deck, please. Give me the deck, please. [00:10:09] Speaker A: I'm begging for a deck. Deck me up, please. [00:10:14] Speaker B: Can't be trusted on the mic. Caroline diamond can't be trusted. So I had, here's additional. You ready for this? [00:10:24] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:10:25] Speaker B: Additional challenge is the managing of the mind when the two choreography references that come attached to the project you're stepping into are Justin Peck's America from the most recent west side story, which we. [00:10:44] Speaker A: Talked about on our lunch break. The people of the world aren't talking about the reboot of west side story enough. It's so good. I literally will watch it when I'm like, I need to be inspired. We'll just scroll to the dance scenes. Yes. It's beautiful. [00:10:59] Speaker B: It's perfect cinema. It's gorgeous. [00:11:02] Speaker A: It is very well, that gymnasium scene. [00:11:05] Speaker B: It'S very well done, all of it. So that's reference number one. There are a handful of references that I get all of the time. Like, a lot of Yuri Killian shows up. A lot of Ohad shows up. Crystal Pyte shows up. And when you receive or. And, okay, so the other reference for Paula was Derek Hough's Emmy winning paso doble from Dancing with the Stars. So you love that we get, like, you're receiving the magnum opus of this person who's dedicated their entire life to this craft and probably spent months and months creating this thing. [00:11:44] Speaker A: Yes. [00:11:44] Speaker B: And they're like, do that in a day. [00:11:47] Speaker A: In one day, in a singular day. [00:11:50] Speaker B: So, anyways, that's not what they were asking. They're saying, like, this is the style of thing we want for this musical theory in this way, like, storytelling in this way. Hot and sexy in this way. Or at least that's how I perceived it. But still, when you're looking at those two things, and then you're looking at Paul Abdul, and then you're like, and. [00:12:08] Speaker A: The impostor syndrome is already rolling down the hill. [00:12:12] Speaker B: Rolling, rolling, rolling. [00:12:13] Speaker A: Yeah, like a choo choo. [00:12:15] Speaker B: So is that what you asked? Like, what was that process? Like, that process for me was, like, intense. Yeah, it was intense for me. But also, I love a challenge, and I love great dance, and I like a high bar. I would have been sad if what came across in the reference folder was shot. I say back step. I'll say backstep. I said, mm hmm. Yeah, that wouldn't have been as fun for me. [00:12:46] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:12:46] Speaker B: So I love a challenge. I took the bits that I thought were the most appropriate for that number, and I made a little a previs of, like, you know, a traveling step that moves like this part or a face off moment that feels like this, or, you know, the paso moment where we're just facing each other, rotating. And I took the moments that I really wanted to hit and laid them out over the song so that I knew, okay, that happens there. Okay, this happens there. So when we got in the room, it was more about filling in, like, putting the meat on the bones, which is literally, I think, why we call it a skeleton crew. Cause you're the bones, and we find out where the meat goes. [00:13:28] Speaker A: Yeah, put it on the body. [00:13:30] Speaker B: I do want to say unprompted that. And I told you guys this on the day. I think a skeleton cruise dancer. I love that you love it. I think a skeleton crew dancer's job is hard? [00:13:42] Speaker A: Yes. [00:13:42] Speaker B: Because what you're actually doing is sales. You are trying to sell a thing, a. That you won't directly make money off of. [00:13:50] Speaker A: Yep. Right. [00:13:51] Speaker B: You're not on the gig. [00:13:52] Speaker A: Nope. [00:13:52] Speaker B: So you're not deeply invested in this thing getting purchased, but you have to sell it. [00:13:57] Speaker A: Have to sell. [00:13:59] Speaker B: And you don't yet know what you're selling. It's not clear yet if it's like, fire engine red, come and get it, sexy. Or if it's like, maybe we dial up the Passover. Maybe you dial down the musical theater. We don't know yet what exactly we're selling, and yet you have to sell it, and you won't make money off of it. Like, that's the hard. Whoa. What a jagged little pill to swallow. [00:14:23] Speaker A: I think that's Alanis. A moment of silence for Alanis. We love you, girl. [00:14:32] Speaker B: We love you, girl. [00:14:33] Speaker A: Oh, my God. So good. [00:14:35] Speaker B: More women in my life. There's more female pop stars? Cause here's another fun fact. Never choreographed for a female pop star before. [00:14:43] Speaker A: Wait, are you serious? Okay, so what was that like, being, like, actually being in your feminine energy, meeting somebody in their feminine energy. [00:14:53] Speaker B: Awesome. [00:14:54] Speaker A: So cool. [00:14:55] Speaker B: Awesome, awesome. I felt like I was talking to my mom a few times. I felt like I was talking to my sister a few times. I felt like I was talking to, like, not to, like, be blasphemous on the podcast, but, God, a few times, like. Like, that type of way that you might pray for an answer. I would talk to her and be like, Paula, tell me, what do you see for blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? And I. It seems so natural. It seems so very refreshing to be nurturing and to. And I know I could have the same feeling with other pop stars. With male and beyond, you can have a vulnerable process. Something about her nurturing energy, her choreography instincts just helped me think that. Am I pacing this correctly? Sorry, I just heard my own cadence helped me think that vulnerability is encouraged. [00:16:03] Speaker A: Please, more vulnerability. [00:16:05] Speaker B: We will find it. And I just appreciated that bit so much. [00:16:12] Speaker A: And I feel like naturally, as women, we are all encompassing bodies. We think about every aspect, and I'm not tick. Time goes. [00:16:23] Speaker B: But what do we do? [00:16:24] Speaker A: It's a little crunchy in the corner. [00:16:27] Speaker B: Round 430. [00:16:29] Speaker A: Okay, keep going. And I'm not saying. And of course, this is, you know, disclaimer. I'm not putting down any menses. Okay. But natural psychological menzies. Menzies. [00:16:42] Speaker B: Gross. [00:16:43] Speaker A: But as it all encompassing, the male biology. Women are just more developed and more emotionally in tune. And we think about all of the things that the audience is going to be thinking and feeling about. Not just what I want to do on the stage, because as a choreographer, it's not just about what I want to put on you. What I want to put on Paula Abdul. No, no, no. Because it's okay. What do I think? And it's also not okay. What do I think that Paula wants me to do? Cause that's also, like, heady. [00:17:18] Speaker B: Too heady. [00:17:19] Speaker A: Mental Olympics. [00:17:21] Speaker B: Too heady. [00:17:22] Speaker A: I am a con. I would say I'm a connoisseur of live performances. I love concerts. I love the theater. I love experiencing it from all types of places in the audience, all types of, like, groups of people. I just love being around different art, and I'm like, okay, so why do they like this artist? Even if it's not for me? What can I learn? What's the lighting? What's the content? What's everything? [00:17:45] Speaker B: I have a scary story to tell you. [00:17:47] Speaker A: Dun dun dun tell it. [00:17:49] Speaker B: Speaking of concerts and shows and what do I have to learn? I went to EDC. That was so cute. Can we zoom in? That was so cute. You were like, how do I grab my water without lipsticking the micro? Yep. [00:18:02] Speaker A: I was like, let me just. That wasn't thin. Thank you. I saw you were at EDC, and. [00:18:06] Speaker B: I was like, I went to eDC. Your girl has never been to a rave, period. And then I went to the biggest rave on the planet. [00:18:14] Speaker A: On the planet. [00:18:14] Speaker B: 160,000 people per day for three days. It made. I've been to Coachella a couple times. It made Coachella look like daycare. Literally, like tiny tots dance class. And then I was in advanced jazz. That's what I'm gonna refer to eDC as from now on. Advanced jazz. [00:18:37] Speaker A: Jazz plus baby, jazz. [00:18:39] Speaker B: Plur. [00:18:40] Speaker A: Jazz. [00:18:41] Speaker B: Plurs. So if you don't know, plur stands for peace, love, respect. Unity. Is that what it is? [00:18:49] Speaker A: Unity, respect. Yeah. [00:18:50] Speaker B: Unity, respect. [00:18:50] Speaker A: Oh, dyslexic pla ru plu. [00:18:56] Speaker B: Have you ever been to Pluru? It's gorgeous this time of year. I'm crying. So. So here's how we'll do. We'll do a handoff. So you do peace, love, unity, and then I would give you my candy, my little bracelet bit. And that's how you. That's how you have that share with people. I learned this at EDC. What I also learned at EDC, that more heartbreaking piece of knowledge that I gained there. Is that right? Know your audience always. Okay. Know your audience. That audience does not care about backup dancers. No, I descended on the grounds, okay. From. We're at the Vegas motor speedway. It's where they do Formula one racing. And the entire track is full. I'm gonna share an aerial view of the footprint of the festival, because it's mind blowing. [00:19:51] Speaker A: The logistics of the meetings. [00:19:54] Speaker B: The meetings, the meetings, the zooms that must have happened for the planning. [00:19:59] Speaker A: They're already in it now. [00:20:01] Speaker B: Tomorrow, they're planning next year's, of course, 2026. So I descend down the stairs, and I'm face to face with one of the eight stages. And it looked to me like, oh, there's. Okay, we must be in between sets. Cause there's nothing going on over there, but there's just music coming from all over. So I'm like, okay, but, wow, there's a lot of people over there. I get down and I'm like, oh, yeah, surely. There's, like, Peter Jackson. Helm's deep number of people. The battle of Helms deep is my favorite on camera battle scene. There's, like, thousands and millions of spears. No one has spears at EDC, but there were a lot of bodies. [00:20:41] Speaker A: Yes. [00:20:42] Speaker B: Turns out there was a show on that stage happening, but it's just one guy, so I didn't even see him. I was just like, oh, they're in between sets. Cause I didn't see dancers. I didn't see any moving elements, so. But that was just because it's all. [00:20:58] Speaker A: About the stage design. [00:21:00] Speaker B: The stage itself was gorgeous, but I thought there was nothing happening. Yeah, until I got on the ground. And it really is funny, sonically, they're able to contain environments. Once I was there, I was like, oh, I hear what's happening. [00:21:10] Speaker A: Yes. [00:21:11] Speaker B: And there's something happening. And there's a lot of people that seem very into that, but I just see a white baseball hat and like, okay. Then we get deeper into the grounds. Lasers, fireballs, smoke shows, content, all the content for days. [00:21:30] Speaker A: Love. [00:21:31] Speaker B: Nary a backup dancer. Not in one place. And guess who didn't care? 160,000 people did not care that there were no backup dancers. [00:21:40] Speaker A: Yes. [00:21:42] Speaker B: Ouch. I'm a little ego. Until I moved even deeper into the cut to my dear friend Martin Vanderwerff's show. He has a supper club within EDC. [00:21:54] Speaker A: Love. [00:21:54] Speaker B: It's dinner theater, immersive show. Twelve scenes at EDC. It's only been, I think, a few years that they've done this, maybe three. We're gonna have to have Martin on the podcast to talk about it. Cause it was riveting. They made the show in five days. Aerial acts, immersive bits of a three course meal. Delicious and delicious food. But truly, EDC is so big that when I arrived and found the info booth, I was like, hi, can you direct me to Salvage City? That's the name of the supper club. And she was like, what? And I was like, salvage City. It's here. It's here on the map. I just don't know which direction is which. And I can't tell. What's the jungle? Everything looks like. [00:22:36] Speaker A: Everything looks the same. And neon. [00:22:38] Speaker B: Yeah. And that's, like. It's neon. Everything. And there are so many butt cheeks that I just can't stay focused and just. Can you help me? Booby's out. [00:22:46] Speaker A: Boobies out. [00:22:47] Speaker B: Chacha's out. Everybody's out. [00:22:49] Speaker A: Glitters out. [00:22:50] Speaker B: Glares out. Glares. Plurs. What's glitter? [00:22:55] Speaker A: We do support glur here. [00:22:57] Speaker B: What is glur? [00:22:58] Speaker A: No, I said glitter. [00:22:59] Speaker B: Oh, glitter. [00:22:59] Speaker A: But you said glitter. Plur and put it together as blur. [00:23:02] Speaker B: Okay, great. We found it. It took the info booth moments to figure out what I was talking about. [00:23:10] Speaker A: Wow. [00:23:10] Speaker B: Which also might tell you a little bit about the demographic of the people in attendance. Whether we be on the team or in the mix, people were having the time of their life. [00:23:23] Speaker A: Totally. [00:23:23] Speaker B: So I found Salvage City, and the dancing was great love. And people were in a controlled environment and watching it and seemed to be enjoying it. But that's not why people are at EDC. [00:23:37] Speaker A: People aren't there to eat. [00:23:38] Speaker B: We come back. Although I was so grateful to have an asparagus spear. [00:23:44] Speaker A: Yum. [00:23:45] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. There were spears at EDC. Sorry. There was a pot roast. There was a sea bass. There was a corn salad. There was a. Yeah, everything was delicious. And all the other options were grilled cheese. So I was in my place. That was my happy place. And there was wine at Salvage City. Everywhere else, it was just, like, vodka. Vodka mixed with energy drinks. [00:24:11] Speaker A: Oh, my God. And I was like, monsters. [00:24:15] Speaker B: So, anyways, know your audience. That's what I learned at EDC. [00:24:18] Speaker C: Totally. [00:24:19] Speaker B: And Paula Abdul's audience wants to see choreography. They love her because they love dancing. [00:24:24] Speaker A: That was a great. [00:24:25] Speaker B: EDC doesn't want to see choreography. [00:24:28] Speaker A: No. [00:24:28] Speaker B: Yeah. So what? The challenge for choreographing for her in that is that people want to see dance, and yet she's 60 years old, and this is a 30 minutes show, and I I am not six years old, dance every day, and can't dance for 30 minutes, sir. I can't dance for three minutes while singing. [00:24:50] Speaker A: No, no. [00:24:50] Speaker B: So to check that box of like, people are satisfied, they love seeing dance. Check the box of people are satisfied. They heard her sing live. Check the box. If Paula survives this thing, we have to do all those things. [00:25:04] Speaker A: Absolutely. [00:25:04] Speaker B: And it's so much fun, so fun, so much fun. I just realized, Caroline, we forgot to do a really important piece of the podcast. [00:25:11] Speaker A: Okay. [00:25:12] Speaker B: You have to introduce yourself. Oh, I make all my guests introduce themselves. Tell us what you want us to know about you. Who are you? What are you about? What do you do? Give us the bullets. Not the bullets, genuinely tell us whatever you want us to know. [00:25:24] Speaker A: Okay. My name is Caroline M. Diamond, I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She's an east coaster. I don't know if you could tell by my assertion in the space I've been dancing my entire existence since I was two. Only place I didn't cry, now it's the place I cry the most. I cried the most. And it's been, you know, dance is just such a journey, especially, you know, growing up in a competition dance studio and not being the favorite. So if you're also not the favorite in your dance class, keep persevering because you will end up sticking with it other than the people who were the favorites. And then now, no shade, no hate. You have babies now and that's fine. No, it's fine. Success means differently to everybody. But just know if you're 14 going through the depths of hell and at your ugliest point of life, you will come out on top. And what else? [00:26:29] Speaker B: What else is serious? I can't handle babies is what you tasked them with as like the burden. Like you. [00:26:41] Speaker A: It is a job. [00:26:42] Speaker B: You know Romi and Michelle's high school? [00:26:44] Speaker A: Yes. [00:26:45] Speaker B: You know the dream sequence. Oh, no. Is it the real life where she's like, well, at least we didn't get fat. And they're like, we're pregnant, you half wit. Do you remember that? [00:26:53] Speaker A: Yes. [00:26:56] Speaker B: They're like baby zequals winning. And Romy's like, baby zequals, you're fat and she. Oh my God, I'm crying. Yeah. [00:27:04] Speaker A: I mean, yeah. So I grew up dancing. I went to college for dance. She's college educated. Point Park University. [00:27:10] Speaker B: Let's go. Point park. [00:27:11] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:27:12] Speaker B: Pittsburgh. [00:27:13] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:27:13] Speaker B: Nice. [00:27:13] Speaker A: Love Pittsburgh. [00:27:14] Speaker B: I do too. Really gorgeous love. [00:27:16] Speaker A: It was a perfect city for me to go to college in because it wasn't New York. If it was New York, I'd be like, I ain't going to class. [00:27:23] Speaker B: But you. But you're close enough to New York. Did you ever go into the city. [00:27:26] Speaker A: Like, or train, actually, because of geography and whatever the hell it's like. [00:27:31] Speaker B: Actually, no, it's 4 hours. [00:27:32] Speaker A: No, it was like six. [00:27:33] Speaker B: Oh, shit. [00:27:34] Speaker A: It was like. It's very, like, west. [00:27:37] Speaker B: How come? What? This is crazy to me. [00:27:42] Speaker A: Pennsylvania is really big in. [00:27:44] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [00:27:45] Speaker A: And, like, philly is closer to New. [00:27:47] Speaker B: York, but I'm like, I just drove to Vegas, and California's big, and Nevada's also. [00:27:52] Speaker A: But, like, I'm gonna have to. Vegas is, like, on the tippity tappity. That's right on the edge of Nevada. [00:27:58] Speaker B: Okay. [00:27:58] Speaker A: Nevada. [00:27:59] Speaker B: Nevada. I like Nevada. [00:28:00] Speaker A: Nevada. Nevada. [00:28:03] Speaker B: Also a pretty child's name. This is Nevada we were talking about. I had to check my hair before we started. I was like, vanity, check. Ooh, vanity. That's a cute name for a kid. Vanity in Nevada. Sisters love. How would you spell Nevada? N a v a h a d a. Nevada. [00:28:21] Speaker A: That seems a little od. [00:28:22] Speaker B: You think Nav Ada and then have people call her Nevada on accident? I mean, Nevaccident. Nevadac. Nevadac. Mm mm. Moving on. Do you have any questions for Riley? [00:28:32] Speaker A: Gotta go. Strike, strike, strike. [00:28:35] Speaker B: I can't. Isn't that funny? Do you find that because you're a funny person, other people try to be funny around you, and do you feel bad for them? [00:28:45] Speaker A: Only if it's genuinely uncomfortable bad for me right now. No, no, I'm laughing. I don't, I don't pity laugh. One thing I don't do is pity laugh. I'll just be like, huh? It'll just be more of, like, a exhaustive air. That was. That's good. Yeah, that's funny. But sometimes. But sometimes people are so funny that I can't even laugh. And I'm just like, yo, that was really funny. [00:29:13] Speaker B: Okay, great. I can't believe Riz is asleep for this. Riz is over on the couch, obsessed with, in a tiny little donut shape. And she, when Caroline came in, was obsessed with you, but in a chill way. [00:29:30] Speaker A: Yes. [00:29:30] Speaker B: Some people come over and she's like, licky licky licky jumpy, jumpy, jumpy, can't handle it. And she just fit right in to your mist. [00:29:37] Speaker A: All my nooks and crannies. [00:29:38] Speaker B: She was like, I want to be here. Okay, you didn't ever laugh that hard. [00:29:52] Speaker A: Back here. I gotta. They're nice and soft. They're not cushiony pillows anyway. [00:30:01] Speaker B: Okay, this is probably a good, a good breaking point to have Riley step in. So we talked a little bit about our skeleton crew process. Riley was also a skeleton crew dancer along with you. So I'm gonna step out. She's gonna step in because we don't have a three person set up yet. We're working on it one thing at a time. And you're just gonna pretend like I'm not here and talk about me and your experience of how that went for you. Okay, bye. [00:30:25] Speaker A: Let's talk about how much we hate Dana. Well, Riley, welcome to the podcast. [00:30:30] Speaker C: Oh, thank you so much. You know, I never really leave. [00:30:32] Speaker A: Yeah, you've never been here before. I know. This is a really new setup for you. This is called a microphone. [00:30:38] Speaker C: Thank you. Oh, gosh. Really need to go. [00:30:41] Speaker A: So, yeah, we were in the skeleton crew together. Yes. It was so fun. [00:30:44] Speaker C: It was so fun. [00:30:45] Speaker A: It was so fun. I love that. I know you're Dana's assistant, so an assistant never takes a day off. But I would always be like, what was that? And you'd always be like, it's one. And I'm like, yes, thank you, girl. Thank you. I love having, like, a fellow assistant girlie on the job. Yes. Even though we're not, like ten, technically, in that parameter of being in assistant. [00:31:08] Speaker C: No, the brain's different, though, and it never turns off. [00:31:10] Speaker A: Never. So what was your favorite thing about opposite attracting in that room? [00:31:16] Speaker C: Oh, my God. My favorite thing. [00:31:18] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:31:18] Speaker A: Well, sorry, but Riz is literally like, split. [00:31:26] Speaker C: She is girl, get a room. [00:31:29] Speaker A: Armpits open, coochie splayed. She is living her best life. [00:31:35] Speaker C: Oh, my God. My favorite thing about, obviously the track. Jesus Christ. I loved living in the fantasy of it. Like, really pretending, not pretending because it was my job, but like, say, like pretending like I am on stage and I get to just be and do all the things that I want to do with no limitations, no one not trying to see where I'm gonna be or like, how I'm doing on the job, but, yeah, just like living the full fantasy of being a backup dancer without the pressure of it. [00:32:06] Speaker B: Yes. [00:32:07] Speaker C: And really enjoying that and just, yeah, pretending I'm on stage in this little studio that we were in love. [00:32:14] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm bringing it the paso doble section again. Even though she was chop suey, I in my head, I am a ballroom dancer. [00:32:23] Speaker C: Yes. [00:32:23] Speaker B: You could not lie the way you flip your hair on. And six, I was like, oh, she is living this. [00:32:31] Speaker A: And Ezra also was like, oh, okay. And Ezra is a ballroom dancer. [00:32:36] Speaker C: Yes, yes, yes. [00:32:37] Speaker A: And I had to be partnered with Ezra and I was like, oh, my God, this is a nightmare. But also amazing. [00:32:41] Speaker B: It was a gift. [00:32:42] Speaker A: It was a gift. [00:32:43] Speaker B: It was a gift to watch. I will tell you. It was a gift to behold. [00:32:46] Speaker A: It was. And I have a problem with leading. Bring that up in my therapy appointment. Okay. But, you know, it's just like always a control thing. It's like, okay, let me. Let me lead this class project, right? And he was like, let me lead you. And I was like, but I don't know how. I don't know, like, just succumb, right? I was always the lifter, never the lifty. These neither temper pig titties are getting in the air. Not even for a Jesus lift. Uh uh. I was always, like, holding the shoulders. I'm like, yeah, here we go. One, two, push into me on the hips. Always on the hips. I'm like, push, girl. [00:33:20] Speaker C: Yeah, push. [00:33:21] Speaker A: But that paso double section was just like, oh, I felt so good in my bones. [00:33:27] Speaker C: I love that. I'm happy for you. [00:33:30] Speaker B: Okay, so if it doesn't make it. [00:33:32] Speaker A: Into the show, can we film it? [00:33:34] Speaker B: Can we film? Yeah, we'll put, we'll put it somewhere. [00:33:36] Speaker A: Okay. I need videographic evidence that I did it. Yes, yes. [00:33:40] Speaker B: 100%. [00:33:41] Speaker A: Even that little clip that you sent us from rehearsal, I was like, I'm literally putting this in my favorites and watching it every week. [00:33:48] Speaker C: Oh, my God. Wait, we need to go back to competition. Studio life. [00:33:53] Speaker A: Yes. [00:33:53] Speaker C: And, like, not being the favorite. [00:33:55] Speaker A: Oh, are you a fellow not fave? [00:34:00] Speaker C: And actually, is it with. Yes, it was. My studio had a piece to cold hearted snake when I was seven. Yes, yes. Bringing it in. And let's just say I can't lift my leg above 90. [00:34:16] Speaker A: Okay. [00:34:17] Speaker C: And can you kick it above? It was. It wasn't straight ever. It was. It was sickled bent. But I had a lot of personality. [00:34:27] Speaker A: And they can't teach personality. [00:34:29] Speaker C: You know what I mean? [00:34:30] Speaker A: You can't teach passion. [00:34:31] Speaker C: And there was this turn section, technique section. And I was the only one who wasn't in it. And they had these ladders in the back. There was like a table and these, like, ladders fit into it. And so I got to be on the ladder and got. [00:34:46] Speaker A: Okay, but living the fantasy. Who needs a bop mom? [00:34:50] Speaker C: They never choreographed it because they didn't want to pay attention. So they were like, just do something on the ladder back there for six, eight counts. And I gave myself a solo. [00:35:00] Speaker A: Come on, sneak crack. [00:35:03] Speaker C: Yes. So, you know, I get that, too. Not being the favorite and being able to push through to. [00:35:11] Speaker A: And you know, sometimes, you know, not being the favorite, we can't. I can't make new hips on my body. You know what I mean? I can't not have a butt. I can't not have these beautiful, luscious boobies. You know what I mean? Like, there's some things I can't not do of my body. I can't change these things. But you can't teach passion. Yes. Because what my mom always said. My mom keeps me humble. Shout out to Charlotte star. She keeps me so humble. So she would literally, like, I would do my solo, and maybe I didn't do really great that day. She'd be like, yeah, not your best. She's like, mm. You didn't warm up enough, did you? Yeah, literally, I'm like, no, you're right. You're actually right. She would always keep it, like, a 100% buck with me. She was not a crazy dance mom. She would never, like, go to the teacher and be like, why aren't you in the front? She'd be like, there's a reason you're in back. You made this bed. You laid with it. But what she said, she was like, you know, Caroline, you might not be the best. I'm like, where's this going? You might not be that good. Yeah, what's the. And she's like, every time, she's like, I know I'm biased because I'm your mother, but every time you're on this stage, my eye goes to you because you're feeling it. Your personality's coming out. You're really performing. You're a performer. You're an entertainer. [00:36:28] Speaker C: Yes. [00:36:28] Speaker A: And she's like, the leg is not the same. The turns are not the same, but the passion is there, and that's when the eye gets drawn, when you're looking on a stage. [00:36:38] Speaker C: And how many turns and kicks are we really doing out here? [00:36:41] Speaker A: You know? Not a lot. [00:36:43] Speaker C: Not a lot. [00:36:43] Speaker A: I'm still waiting for my Fuete section. Yeah, I would love it. Like, an actual fate not Alice account. [00:36:50] Speaker C: Do you want to do with, like, the rotating spot? [00:36:52] Speaker A: Like, see, that's where I kind of. That's where my. My bad technique comes in. It's not super strong. [00:36:58] Speaker C: Okay. [00:36:59] Speaker A: We weren't. We weren't that studio. We were like ballet. Like a tilt was like a bat mod, just tilted. Not a crotch shot. Yeah, no, no, no. [00:37:06] Speaker C: Not the studio. Okay. [00:37:09] Speaker A: Nice. Okay. [00:37:12] Speaker C: But also, like, with competitions, I think it actually prepped me the most for skeleton crew and for jobs, but just. [00:37:19] Speaker A: Life out here as a dancer, I. [00:37:21] Speaker C: Mean, instead of doing normal kid things on a Saturday and Sunday, I would be in 8 hours of rehearsal. [00:37:28] Speaker A: Let's talk about those weekends at the. [00:37:29] Speaker C: Dance studio every single weekend. And having to be like, my dance teacher didn't really dance, so she would like, tell us, like, hey, can you try it this way? So I was always workshopping. [00:37:43] Speaker A: You were the skeleton. [00:37:44] Speaker C: I was the skeleton crew for it all the time. [00:37:46] Speaker A: Totally. [00:37:47] Speaker C: And, hey, do you remember what those counts are? Hey, do you like. So I think being a studio kid and being young and having to step up to that all the time prepared me for this kind of work all the time. [00:37:58] Speaker A: 1000%. Yeah. I also feel like, you know, being in those Saturday rehearsals, like, I remember my studio did Nutcracker. I don't know if your studio did Nutcracker. It was 09:00 a.m. ballet. And then we would do a full 8 hours. And then when we be in that party scene. Yep. That 30 minutes party scene at minute 22. Yep. Somebody would be messing up. And my teacher be like, all right, stop. We're gonna take it back from the top. [00:38:21] Speaker C: No, no. [00:38:24] Speaker A: And also, fun fact. Um, I know I was always the boy. Oh, yeah. Cause my studio had no boys. We had no boys. And so I was a party boy. I was the Mouse king. One time, my studio didn't want to do, like, normal recital. Cause, like, obviously, recital dances. Let's cut the recital dances. [00:38:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:38:50] Speaker A: We know what your competition dances look like. Let's just do those on stage. And those look way better because we've been doing those for six months. [00:38:56] Speaker C: Why are we doing recitals, title dances when we already have 16 other pieces. [00:39:00] Speaker A: In the same group of people? I don't need them to see another piece. [00:39:03] Speaker C: No. [00:39:03] Speaker A: I don't need another song ruined for me. Okay? It's so bad. But one year, my teacher was like, we're not gonna do this. We're gonna do, like, more of a production. So we did Mary Poppins. [00:39:12] Speaker C: Oh. [00:39:13] Speaker A: Oh, I was Bert. Yes. Laughter ensues from everybody, literally, because, I mean, you know, I'm more womanly now. [00:39:27] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:39:28] Speaker A: But I still had boobs. I had to. There's a picture of me, like, almost flat. There's only so much flatness we can do. And I'm like, press in. And I have, like, you know, my hat. Step in time, though. I killed that. Yes, you did. Literally. [00:39:45] Speaker B: You did. [00:39:47] Speaker C: Bring it back. Step in time. Step in time. [00:39:52] Speaker A: I remember there was a leap that we did holding the front leg, back leg bent right into a forward roll. Oh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent? Yeah. Literally, like, a little, like, inlet right here. Boom. Yeah. We have, like, a little mini roof. Yeah. Mm hmm. Hardest summer still to this day that I've ever done. Yeah, yeah. The actual. [00:40:15] Speaker B: The film one, there's a, like, director's edit. I think it's, like, eleven minutes long. [00:40:20] Speaker A: Wow. That new Mary Poppins actually was pretty good, too. [00:40:23] Speaker C: She was cute. [00:40:24] Speaker A: Yeah. I like the light pole scene. I didn't see it. [00:40:31] Speaker B: Keep going, you guys. [00:40:32] Speaker C: Do I have another question? [00:40:35] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:40:36] Speaker C: So you're so great at balancing when to break the tension in the room with a joke, and I just want to know how you find that temperature. Is it, like, from experience of doing it when you weren't supposed to do it, or how have you found that? [00:40:55] Speaker A: A lot of trial and error. [00:40:57] Speaker C: Yes, I can imagine. [00:40:58] Speaker A: You know, I've always been the comedic relief. Always. [00:41:02] Speaker C: Okay. [00:41:03] Speaker A: Always comedic relief. I'm like, how can we, like, make a joke out of it? Because if I'm not laughing, I'm crying. And I feel. I feel the energy of people and, like, as woo woo and witchy as that is, even though I am a witch, it's really true. Like, I can feel people's spirits, like, right away. 95% of the time, the first time I meet somebody, I'm right about them. I've been wrong. She can admit her faults and her wrongness. [00:41:29] Speaker C: Okay. [00:41:30] Speaker A: But I'm usually right. [00:41:31] Speaker C: Yes. [00:41:31] Speaker A: So growing up in my dance class, I would be the comedic relief, but that would also put a target on my back. Yes, I was. Cause I was not the favorite, so it would be like a streamline of things. But, you know, I do, like cutting the tension, and I'm usually the person I'm. I say the thing that everybody's thinking. [00:41:50] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:41:50] Speaker A: And I've always been that way, and people are like, oh, my God. I was just thinking that. I'm like, why don't you say it too? [00:41:55] Speaker C: Yes. [00:41:56] Speaker A: I want to create a space where we all feel comfortable enough that we can just be like, oopsie. Like that. Kind of like, oops. It's so, like, I just love to laugh. Yeah. And, yes, of course, in some, you know, business spaces, it's like, let's not do. Let's not be funny right now. Let's be a little bit more professional. Up a little bit more. [00:42:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:42:17] Speaker A: But, yeah. You know, the last big job I did, like, my. Actually, my first big job, I was that comedic relief or attempting to be in a new space with, like, a lot of people that have been there already. [00:42:30] Speaker C: Right. [00:42:30] Speaker A: And I was met with love from a lot of people, but not from the choreographer. And he was the person that brought me there. So it was, like, kind of, like, weird because I'm, like, I'm just being myself. [00:42:41] Speaker C: Totally. [00:42:41] Speaker A: And then now you don't like me being myself, even though that's the reason why you brought me here in the first place. [00:42:47] Speaker C: Yes. [00:42:48] Speaker A: So in some spaces, I have been burned by my tongue, but it's really a learning. [00:42:54] Speaker C: Teeth a little too high. [00:42:55] Speaker A: Yeah, a learning thing. And I do say what's on my mind, but I don't say everything that's on my mind. [00:43:02] Speaker C: And the filter. Yeah, the filter. [00:43:04] Speaker A: What I've realized as an opinionated woman is sometimes your opinion doesn't need to be shared. You can think it. The thoughts be thinking. [00:43:13] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:43:14] Speaker A: But do they need to be said out loud? Let's give somebody else the opportunity to say their opinion. Even if it's wrong. Even if it's wrong. Give space to people to look like an idiot. An idiot. Because I look like an idiot a lot, too. [00:43:27] Speaker C: Uh huh. [00:43:28] Speaker A: But, you know, it's all about perspective. [00:43:31] Speaker C: That's true. That's true. No, you made me laugh so much, even I had. Cause podcast knows I laugh a lot, and it was good to, like, jump back and forth, but I also love an environment where people are laughing and. [00:43:48] Speaker A: Saying it because we're all here, especially dance. Growing up in dance, loving dance, then putting a price tag on dance when you get older and then having to pay rent with this passion. Yeah, that could be a whole podcast episode. Anyway, it's just I lost my train of thought on a tangent, and I lost my spot. [00:44:17] Speaker B: Shake your titties. [00:44:18] Speaker A: Shake your titties. I have no idea what we were talking about. So guess we just move on from that. We just move on from that debauchery any more. [00:44:30] Speaker C: Do you want to jump back or. [00:44:31] Speaker B: I. Yeah, I think we could wrap it up. [00:44:33] Speaker A: I think this is fantastic. It's been one week since you looked at me. [00:44:41] Speaker B: You made an I love to laugh joke right after you told us you played Bert from Mary Poppins and you didn't sing the song. [00:44:48] Speaker A: I love to laugh. [00:44:52] Speaker B: It didn't happen. I can't believe it. [00:44:54] Speaker A: I can't believe it. [00:44:55] Speaker B: But it's fine. I'm over here. You're over there. Great. Okay. Love it. [00:45:00] Speaker A: Okay, bye. [00:45:00] Speaker B: Camera. [00:45:01] Speaker C: Do you want. Okay. [00:45:03] Speaker A: Oh. [00:45:03] Speaker B: Oh, she max right now. [00:45:08] Speaker A: Oh, my God. Remember how you were like, I don't know. I'm just fostering her. I don't lies. That's why I can't foster, because I love cats. And everybody's like, why don't you foster cats? I'm like, I'm gonna end up with 24 cats. [00:45:22] Speaker B: It was a trial adoption. I did seven days of trying it, and I think the podcast was there for this. It must have been. [00:45:30] Speaker C: Yes. [00:45:31] Speaker B: She peed exclusively indoors, Caroline only inside. And we were on a walking regimen where I would take her out every hour on the hour, no action outside. She would wait till we got inside, walk her cute little butt over to the most expensive piece of equipment in this place, the peloton, which rusts and pee right there. So it was tough times for a second. [00:45:59] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:46:00] Speaker B: So here's what we're gonna do. We have a series on the podcast called Wrist Roll with it. It's a rapid fire question. Burnout round. Come on. [00:46:10] Speaker A: Are you asking the question? [00:46:11] Speaker B: Your hands on my chest. Like, mom, let me take it from here. [00:46:13] Speaker A: Yeah, I got this. [00:46:14] Speaker B: What's your first question for her? She wants to know, dogs or cats? [00:46:22] Speaker A: I don't think I can choose. [00:46:24] Speaker B: You definitely don't want to choose in front of her. [00:46:26] Speaker A: Because I can't. Because notoriously, I'm a cat lady. I had a very scary experience with a dog growing up. Made me dislike dogs very strongly. And then sloan, because she's obsessed with dogs. [00:46:39] Speaker B: Yes. [00:46:39] Speaker A: Like, on the street. Puts her face in it. Like, loves puts her face in and goes, yep. And when we were on tour together, because we were so close, every time that she would see a dog, she would stop, scratch, and I'd be like. She's like, pet it. Like, was cozy. [00:46:55] Speaker B: She's like, here's how you do it. [00:46:56] Speaker A: Literally. And then now I live with two big dogs and I love them. [00:47:00] Speaker B: Okay, Riz wants me to take it from here. [00:47:03] Speaker A: Yes. [00:47:05] Speaker B: Okay. Song that you think is just too good to ever choreograph to. It's untouchable. [00:47:13] Speaker A: This kind of correlates to, I believe the greatest song of all time is cold hearted snake. [00:47:19] Speaker B: I know I've really got my work cut out for me. Y'all keep going, keep going. [00:47:23] Speaker A: I want to dance with somebody. It's a classic and for a multitude of reasons. When that starts, everybody's like, oh. Everybody starts shaking. Everybody goes to the dance floor. Everybody's smiling. Everybody's moving. It's talking about dance. Something I already love. Whitney Houston. [00:47:41] Speaker B: Come on. Okay. If you could sing like, anyone who you would, who would you sing like? Is it Whitney or is it Celine? Because I think if you open your mouth and Celine Dion came out. I would literally. [00:47:51] Speaker A: That would be everything. Oh, that's a. That's a good question. [00:47:54] Speaker B: Go, go do it. [00:47:57] Speaker A: Oh, God. Probably. It's like, I'm trying to think about, like, the voice, but also the songs that they sing me. My favorite, probably Whitney, I would say. [00:48:08] Speaker B: Probably Whitney. [00:48:09] Speaker A: I think that she's one of the best vocalists of all time. [00:48:12] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:12] Speaker A: Celine, two, obviously. Yes, obviously. [00:48:15] Speaker B: Mariah, though. [00:48:17] Speaker A: Love Mariah. [00:48:18] Speaker B: Really breathy. Too breathy for me. I like a little bit more body. I would probably be Whitney, I think. [00:48:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:48:27] Speaker B: Or prince. What if I opened my mouth and prince came out? Speaking of Purple rain. Okay. Favorite dance step? [00:48:35] Speaker A: Honestly, a classic step touch. [00:48:38] Speaker B: I knew you were gonna say that. [00:48:39] Speaker A: Really? [00:48:40] Speaker B: In my head, I was like, she's gonna say two step or step touch. I knew it. I knew it. [00:48:44] Speaker A: There's just so many layers to it. [00:48:46] Speaker B: If you can do a step touch and still be interesting to look at, if you can keep that step touch. [00:48:54] Speaker A: Ooh, we get it. You can get some arms. You can slow it down. You can. [00:49:00] Speaker B: You can touch together. You can touch in front. You can touch behind. A step touch is so versatile. I want to do it right now. I want to do it right now. Even with my legs crossed, I step touch, step. What is that? Don't choose that while one is rolling each. That's my least favorite step. What's your least favorite step? You see that segue? That's a rapid burnout question. [00:49:26] Speaker A: This is for my ballet girls in the club. A gorgoliad. I don't know what. Idiot. [00:49:33] Speaker B: Sorry. This is my daughter, Gorgliad. Come on. And her sister. [00:49:40] Speaker A: Assemble. [00:49:41] Speaker B: Nevada. Nevada Nevassemble. [00:49:44] Speaker A: Come on. That one works. That's funny. [00:49:47] Speaker B: That one works. [00:49:47] Speaker A: That's really funny. [00:49:48] Speaker B: Okay. Okay. Gargoyle. Yeah. [00:49:49] Speaker A: It's like, I don't know who thought to do an Ande or leg and an Ande don in the air. It's just. It doesn't. Cause it's this way. Right? I hate it. I hate it. [00:50:05] Speaker B: My sister loved those. She's one of those. [00:50:09] Speaker A: The Wilsons. [00:50:10] Speaker B: She's one of those. And now she's a doctor. I know. Oh, overachiever. Only overachievers really love a gargled facts. [00:50:18] Speaker A: Yeah. Probably a Gemini. [00:50:20] Speaker B: Yep. [00:50:25] Speaker A: She said she was a witch, so. [00:50:27] Speaker B: Okay. [00:50:27] Speaker A: Clocks attracts. [00:50:29] Speaker B: Who's your favorite sign? Like, who do you love the most? You love a. I don't believe it. [00:50:34] Speaker A: Um. I don't know if I love one the most. I'm a Libra, so I'm compatible. And the most compatible sign of the entire zodiac. I would say my least compatible, the one I'm like, is a Capricorn. [00:50:47] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:50:48] Speaker A: They just are very, like, in their head. Can't, like, has to hard working, but, like, has to be like this or it's nothing. And I have. [00:50:57] Speaker B: I have felt that. Okay. [00:50:59] Speaker A: A little tough for me. [00:51:01] Speaker B: Favorite book. I know. [00:51:08] Speaker A: Same. Riz. Um. Oh, God. Like, there's so many levels to goodness of a book. It's like saying, what's my favorite tv show? [00:51:18] Speaker B: I stumped her. But this is rapid fire. [00:51:20] Speaker A: You gotta just fire if I'm talking about a thriller. The silent patient I thought was really good. [00:51:25] Speaker B: Great, great. Favorite movie that has dance in it. Doesn't have to be a dance movie, doesn't have to be a musical. Just like favorite movie with dance. [00:51:36] Speaker A: The best movie across the universe. [00:51:40] Speaker B: Can I have a hug? So good. It's the best. [00:51:46] Speaker A: It's so. It's brilliant. Oh, is it up here? [00:51:50] Speaker B: I used to keep my dvd's. I have dvd's still. [00:51:53] Speaker A: It is. [00:51:54] Speaker B: It's brilliant. It's brilliant. It's brilliant. And it's not like. Daniel Ezrelo, you are a gift. Julie Taymor. Thank you for making that fine piece of art. It is. I would change nothing about it. I would change exactly zero about it. [00:52:09] Speaker A: Zero. [00:52:10] Speaker B: I used to say that about Lord of the Rings, by the way. And I want to set something straight on the podcast. It's okay. She said, I've never seen it. [00:52:15] Speaker A: I've never seen it. I'm like, hold out. [00:52:17] Speaker B: Oh, that's why you didn't understand my helm's deep joke. [00:52:19] Speaker A: No, but I was fine. I was here in solidarity. [00:52:21] Speaker B: That's true. You were. [00:52:23] Speaker A: I knew it was Lord of the Rings. I just don't know what we were talking about. But I saw you little trinkets up there. I was like, oh, she's a fan. She's a fan. But I'm not gonna bring it up. It's like Star wars. Never seen it. [00:52:33] Speaker B: That's fine. It's. These are worlds that are really huge. And when that many people are into it, it's kind of. I have felt that that's a saturated space. I don't really need to go there. That's fine for you all. [00:52:46] Speaker A: And I feel like I don't get it as much as the people who are in it get it. [00:52:49] Speaker B: And I feel like, well, that's because haven't seen them. [00:52:52] Speaker A: I know, but fantasy really isn't for me. I don't like Harry Potter. I don't really get it. And I've seen it. I've seen it multiple times. Y'all who have tattoos grow up a little bit. [00:53:06] Speaker B: Okay. [00:53:06] Speaker A: The movie came out, like, 20 years ago. Can we like. But I know I'm, like, very much the underdog of that. [00:53:13] Speaker B: That's cool. That's so interesting, though, because you like using your imagination. If you're a reader, you're, like, seeing things, right? You like to imagine things, and that's what fantasy is, to me, is like. [00:53:23] Speaker A: But it's. I need to see people doing people things, not, like, power. [00:53:27] Speaker B: Human shit. Okay. [00:53:28] Speaker A: Human shit. I do, like, a little bit of vampire shout out to twilight growing up and, like, hunger games. That's fine. But when it starts to get in. [00:53:36] Speaker B: The, like, elves and wizards and. [00:53:38] Speaker A: Yeah, like, Riley and I were talking about the book, a court of thorns and roses, which is, like, into fairies. And, like, I was reading it because all the girlies are like, oh, my God, that's amazing, amazing, amazing. And I read it, and I'm like, what are we talking about? It's also, like, there's the names. It's like Game of Thrones. I'm like, what are we. [00:53:57] Speaker B: What are we talking about? I do get that part. I do get that part. And now I'm gonna be doing this with my nails. Smr spin off podcast, nine to five, Dolly Parton. Ooh. What if Dolly Parton's voice came out of me? [00:54:15] Speaker A: Dolly's. [00:54:16] Speaker B: That would be cute and fun. [00:54:18] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:54:19] Speaker B: Okay, where were we on the rapid fire I shu for a movie across the universe. Danny Ezra low, Julie Timor directed love. So fucking good. It's like, have you seen that one yet? Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry. She said what you mean. I'm so sorry. You're right. We did. I'm sorry. In my mind, I put Riley inappropriately into a cupboard of. Hasn't seen a lot of movie musicals, which you cannot tell me is not true. It is true. [00:54:50] Speaker A: Like, what's a classic that you haven't seen? [00:54:55] Speaker B: West side Story. [00:54:56] Speaker C: I've seen the original, but not the new one. [00:54:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:54:59] Speaker C: Uh huh. [00:54:59] Speaker A: I'll give you that. [00:55:00] Speaker C: Um, I haven't seen hello, dog. [00:55:02] Speaker B: Cabaret. All that jazz. [00:55:04] Speaker C: Cabaret. [00:55:04] Speaker B: Okay, okay. [00:55:06] Speaker A: You've seen Chicago. [00:55:07] Speaker C: You've seen Chicago. [00:55:08] Speaker B: Oh, okay. [00:55:09] Speaker A: That movie. [00:55:10] Speaker B: Riley made me watch burlesque recently. [00:55:12] Speaker A: You had never seen burlesque. [00:55:14] Speaker B: So here's the thing. When we talk about saturated spaces and, like, not wanting to get into the world, and then we add, like, I'm friends with those people, and not a great liar. I fear that if I see the project and do not like it, I will be in conflict the next time I see my friend. Okay. [00:55:34] Speaker A: I get that. [00:55:35] Speaker B: And also may or may not be a little bit of bitter energy that's, like, I wasn't in that. [00:55:39] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:55:39] Speaker B: And I'm swole. And so I think combination station on that one. But, like, same is true with, like, stomp the yard. And you've never seen that. Some of those guys, when my homies are up in there. Right? [00:55:59] Speaker A: What? Oh, that movie made me. That made me Channing Tatum. I was like, oh, that's a white boy I like. And Jenna Dewan went to my dance studio. [00:56:11] Speaker B: Get out of here. [00:56:12] Speaker A: They filmed it in Baltimore. [00:56:13] Speaker B: That's wild. She's fantastic. Delightful. Yeah. I got to work with her once. She's. She's cool. [00:56:20] Speaker A: I get that, though. I can't lie, either. [00:56:23] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:56:23] Speaker A: I'm a truther. Yeah. [00:56:25] Speaker B: Your reviews are very, very honest. [00:56:27] Speaker A: Yeah. And it's not. The thing with my reviews is, like, I'm never trying to, like, really shit on people, but I do believe that there is always layers of growth. And this is if I could make my dream job, I would be a creative consultant. Okay. And they would hire me. [00:56:43] Speaker B: Like, and would you narrow your eyes when you speak creatively? [00:56:47] Speaker A: Consulting people bring me in two to three weeks before Torah goes up. [00:56:52] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:56:53] Speaker A: And let me look at it from, like, this very naked eye and tell you what works and what. [00:56:58] Speaker B: And from your multiple perspectives. [00:57:00] Speaker A: Right. Because when you're in that, you're, like, in an incubator. When you're creating a project and a show, you're like, oh, my God. This makes sense because we're here, here. And we. We came from a meeting four months ago, so this totally makes sense. This is the through line. And then me, as somebody who's coming in, not reading the synopsis, not knowing anything, not seeing the deck, not even looking at the back of the book. Okay. And then just starting to read the book, I need to really get it, and it needs to be. The thing is, is that we're artists, so we kind of can understand interpretation. But when you're. I believe when you're creating, like, art for the masses, you need to play to the masses in a way. [00:57:37] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:57:38] Speaker A: It's in a sense, because I know some people are, like, learning. Let them come up to your level. I'm like, yeah, but then they don't appreciate and understand if you just not dumb it down. But if you bring it down just a little bit. They're like, oh, I get that. That makes sense. [00:57:51] Speaker B: Really prickle up against this idea. But, yes, you're not wrong. I know your audience. [00:57:58] Speaker A: Yes, we're back again. We're back to know your audience. [00:58:00] Speaker B: That's real. But I am a believer that if you treat your art, your audience. [00:58:07] Speaker A: This another great name, my daughter. [00:58:08] Speaker B: Audience. Oh, cadence was one on that. [00:58:12] Speaker A: Cadence is a great name. [00:58:13] Speaker B: I think I know a cadence. She's certainly from Utah. No offense. I just. It's what it is. [00:58:17] Speaker A: Certainly. [00:58:20] Speaker B: Her sister is McKinley. Like, that is so Utah. [00:58:23] Speaker A: L e I G h. Anyways, the brother's Braxton. [00:58:26] Speaker B: 100% Braxton. Or Jackson, like Braylon. Yes, we can be creative consultants, or we can also be baby name consultants, but we will diss you for having babies. We will come in with a massive baby sized chip on our shoulder. [00:58:43] Speaker A: I will be auntie. I'm auntie. Yeah, I wanna come in. The thing is, I don't wanna be a mother, but I wanna be a stepdad. [00:58:50] Speaker B: I don't wanna be Burt, but I do wanna be Burt. Literally. [00:58:53] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. Come in, have fun. Kids love me. Oh, my God. What can we do? Fun stuff. And then you disappear, and then I'm like, all right, peace. I'm gonna go play golf. Yeah, exactly. [00:59:04] Speaker B: That got dark, y'all. It got dark. Wrist roll with it has taken a turn. Okay, I do have one more question for you. What are we talked about? Favorite book? We talked about favorite movie? You obviously are a person who loves words. Loves using words, love reading words. You're a natural podcast guest. What are. Caroline diamond, what are the words that move you? [00:59:27] Speaker A: Mmm. Emotions. And I know emotions get. Emotions get a bad rep. Oh, my God. [00:59:35] Speaker B: Fuel of life, my friends. [00:59:36] Speaker A: Literally. And you know what? [00:59:37] Speaker B: That's all we got. [00:59:38] Speaker A: If you, as well, are a very emotional person, that is your superpower. You can experience the full spectrum of life's emotions, and that's beautiful. Cause a lot of people can't. [00:59:50] Speaker B: I think all of us do. But whether we. [00:59:54] Speaker A: Some people are stunted or resist, it's. [00:59:57] Speaker B: That's a different story. [00:59:58] Speaker A: I think it's the resist. Yeah, mostly. [01:00:00] Speaker B: Or the ignore. Some people avoid it, some people ignore it, some people resist it. Slightly different, but all end in a limited life experience. And I like the full enchilada. [01:00:12] Speaker A: Me, too. [01:00:13] Speaker B: I want to feel all the feelings, everything. The, like the negative side of the spectrum. Imposter syndrome. Not my favorite. [01:00:19] Speaker A: Not my favorite. I deal with it a lot. [01:00:21] Speaker B: I deal with it a lot. And I got to experience feeling fantastic. About my work and myself and my friends and my team after having processed and really looked at and spent some time with that imposter syndrome. Again, this is me trying to wrap it up. But I agree. Emotions, the fuel of life. These are wonderful. [01:00:41] Speaker A: The gasoline. [01:00:42] Speaker B: Thank you for sharing your words that move you. Thank you for sharing your time and your passion and your tempur pedic titties. That really just was the that's why you need to watch this episode, because you need to see what Caroline just did. [01:01:00] Speaker A: She's a physical performance. [01:01:01] Speaker B: That's why I can't talk anymore. That's why this is the end of the episode. Thank you so much for being here. Subscribe like send a review and a rating, DM whatever. Be in touch. I love communicating with the audience. This is really fun space for me. Thank you. Oh, also just recently, very cool thing. Over 201,000 downloads for the podcast. So thank you all. If you're listening and downloading, please keep the podcast with you. Subscribe so that you don't miss an episode and of course, scratch the back of your arm. [01:01:28] Speaker A: Support women business. [01:01:30] Speaker B: Support women owned businesses, local business, small business, eat organic and then go out into the world and keep it really funky. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This podcast was produced by me with the help of many big big love to our executive assistant and editor, Riley Higgins. Our communications manager is Ori Vajadares. Our music is by Max Winnie, logo and brand design by Breetz, thumbnails and marketing by Fiona Small. You can make your tax deductible donations towards that move me. Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, the dance Resource center, and also many thanks to you. I'm so glad you're here. And if you're digging the pod, please share it. Leave a review and rating. And if you want to coach with me and the many marvelous members of the words that move me community, visit wordsthatmoveme.com. if you're simply curious to know more about me and the work I do outside of this podcast, visit thedanawilson.com.

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