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The dance podcast where movers and shakers like you get the information and inspiration you need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. Master mover, Dana Wilson, taps into 15 years of industry experience, and talks to some of the best in the entertainment biz, who have been there and done that so that you don’t have to… do it alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. BONUS EPISODE: Holiday Special

    This holiday season is an extra special one.  There are likely more empty chairs than usual.  There is likely less togetherness.  Well, I’d like to be here for you even though you’re far away and I want to remind you (ehhhem, myself) ...


  2. Ep. #52 Technique Vs Style with Almost Every Guest From 2020

    What is the difference between Technique and Style?  I have asked this question more times than I can count and never got the same answer twice. To see if I could make some sort of concrete conclusion, I asked every single guest ...


  3. Ep. #51 The Art of Light and Darkness with Nick Whitehouse

    My guest this week, Nick Whitehouse, was the one asking the big questions: How do we improve? How do we do better? How do we NEVER repeat ourselves? For Nick, sometimes the answer to that question is to care MORE, and take ...


  4. Ep. #50 The Voice Doctor: RAab Stevenson

    When I asked RAab Stevenson (vocal coach extraordinaire) “what makes a GREAT singer?”, his answer was not what I was expecting… Listen in as we talk greatness, training, lifestyle, myths about the voice, and warnings about the recording industry. Show Notes: Quick ...


  5. Ep. #49 Pay Attention with Martha Nichols

     For Martha Nichols’ creative process, music is King and spirit is Queen.  In this episode Martha and I dig into that process and the beliefs that guide her in life and in art.  She reminds us that if you want the accolades ...