Ep. #180 The History of Dance in L.A. with Emily Wanserski

June 21, 2023 01:19:43
Ep. #180 The History of Dance in L.A. with Emily Wanserski
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
Ep. #180 The History of Dance in L.A. with Emily Wanserski

Jun 21 2023 | 01:19:43


Show Notes

This week on the podcast, the incredible Emily Wanserski (@wanswonders), cultural practitioner, producer, consultant, cultural doula, and so much more, joins me to give a crash course on dance history in Los Angeles. I am so envious and admire the knowledge Emily has accumulated on dance history in her decade of living in L.A. Thank you, Emily, for the work you have cultivated in the L.A. dance ecosystem, and thank you for being a wonderful guest and friend! Please enjoy this conversation with Emily Wanserski.


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 Historical Mentions: 

LA Tribes/Nations:

Gabrieleño Nation,Tongva Nation, Chumash Nation, Kizh Nation

 Dancers/Choreographers/Historical Figures

Lestor Horton ,Michio Itō,Doris Humphrey ,Ruth St. Denis,Ted Shawn ,Alvin Ailey ,Belly Lewitzky,Judy Garland ,Thomas Edison & Ruth St. Denis ,Fred Stone ,Busby Berkley,Fred Astaire ,Jack Cole,Ginger Rogers,Gene Kelly,Ester Williams,Julie McDonald ,Liz Lerman,Kevin Williamson


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater ,La Ballet ,Joffrey Ballet ,MSA ,Dancers Alliance ,


UCLA,USC Kaufman ,

Historical Places:

7566 Melrose Ave.


Revelations,Vodoo Ceremonial @ Los Angeles Olympics,Judy Garland & Lestor Horton,


Fantasia ,Hello Dolly ,Saturday Night Fever,Grease ,Dirty Dancing ,Flashdance,Footloose, Save The Last Dance,You Got Served,Step Up,Pitch Perfect,Chicago ,Moulin Rouge ,

Emily’s Colleagues:

Ben Johnson,Alex McDowell

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