Ep. #121 Self Image and Personal Style pt.2

April 20, 2022 00:45:56
Ep. #121 Self Image and Personal Style pt.2
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
Ep. #121 Self Image and Personal Style pt.2

Apr 20 2022 | 00:45:56


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Today, we’re talking about how to decide on and use your personal style to introduce your values and taste, AND build consistency and trust… Without saying a word.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Show Notes:

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 Welcome to words that move me, the podcast where movers and shakers, like you get the information and inspiration. You need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. I am your host, Dana Wilson. And I move people. I am all about the tools and techniques that empower tomorrow's lead to make the work of their dreams and live a full life while doing it. So whether you're new to the game or transitioning to your next echelon of greatness, you're in the right place. Hello? Hello, my friend. Welcome to the podcast. I am so glad you are here and I have to tell you <laugh> Hm. That I am also so glad that the first time I tried to record this episode, my mic wasn't working correctly or the correct mic wasn't working, I should say. Uh, and at first I was very, very bummed out by that because I talked for about 18 minutes before I realized my error. Speaker 0 00:01:02 Uh, and that threw off my whole schedule. Isn't that funny? How 18 minutes can just like throw off your whole schedule. I'm being dramatic, but I'm actually stoked right now because thanks to pushing back the, and, and rerecording later, I have even more delightful electable delicious and important information regarding self-image and personal style. This episode got two times better. I kid you not. Um, because I waited and I'll get into why in a second. Um, but man, it was already good and now it's bad Tutut. That's me. Tuting my own horn. Uh, anyways, here we go. Last month in money March, we talked about the bank and what's in it. Now we're talking about the body and what is on it. Yes. I love this. <laugh> a few weeks ago. In episode one, 19, I gave my definition of self image and personal style. And I talked about how, what you wear and surround yourself with really does affect your behavior out there in the world. Speaker 0 00:02:23 And, uh, today we're gonna talk about how to decide on and use your personal style to introduce your values and your taste and build consistency and trust, which let's be really real. That is what our field is all about. Values, taste, consistency, trust style. So this is important and it is also very much fun for me to talk about again, <laugh> I am so excited. I am ready to dig in, but first let's do some wins today. I am celebrating a win for the entire dance community and this win will also serve as a crash course in grassroots organization. So buckle up dancers Alliance, if you haven't heard of it all ready, if you, if you are not intimately aware of what it is is a non-union organization that seeks to be the unified voice of the national dance community. If you are listening and you are a dancer in the nation, that means you, um, they advocate for fair wages and working conditions for non-union workers. Speaker 0 00:03:44 So this is all of the stuff outside of sag, AFTRA or SDC. Um, I used to be a dancer's Alliance chair. I think that was my title. It's been, it's been many, many years, uh, but I can tell you firsthand da is truly made up dancers like working dancers, and it's created for dancers. It's made by dancers for dancers. And that is such a special thing. Um, if I were to reframe what is dancer's Alliance or how it is most often used, I might tell you that the dancer's Alliance, which for the record was paid for by a dancer <laugh> is where producers and dancers alike go to find industry standard rates and working conditions for non-union work. It's all there. All the information is there now today for me, but two weeks ago for you because I'm pre-recording this episode, um, da relaunched their website, brand new website. Speaker 0 00:04:49 And also they announced new and very increased rates, a hefty rate increased because it has been a hefty amount of time since that happened. Da rates have not gone up since before 2010. So, yep. That's substantial. Now. It's been years since I was an active chair of da. My attention has, has been rather focused on helping the choreography community create a Guild for ourselves, which honestly is my win every single week. And I know I haven't talked about it much. Um, the choreographer's guilded on the pod, but it's coming. I wanna, I wanna make it big grand, beautiful bow on top bundle of an episode for you. Anyways, it's coming anyways. I'm celebrating the relaunch of D a. Although I do work more as a choreographer lately. I was a non-union dancer once <laugh> and I work with I coach and I love so many non-union dancers that are moving into and up the professional ladder. Speaker 0 00:06:00 So resources like da and the people that support them are essential to our community, our entire ecosystem. And when we stick together, when we stand together and move together, we all come up up together. A note for all the dancers out there, da is not made up of a paid staff. I mentioned it's made up of working dancers. There are no enforcing officers who will arrest you or otherwise punish you or productions for going below da standards, da rates and working conditions are only exclusively upheld by the dance community. We are all responsible. We are all in this together, which is great because when we're all in this together, don't make me sing it <laugh> we rise together. I am, am so thrilled to see the dance community rising. And I look forward to seeing more solidarity between dancers and choreographers in the future. This is the stuff dreams are made of. I'm so stoked about it. So please check out dancers, alliance.org and choreographers guild.org to be introduced to some of our community's most important efforts. I will leave it right there. Whoa, holy win. Now you go <laugh> what's going well in your world. What's going well in your community. Speaker 1 00:07:49 Yay. Speaker 0 00:07:53 Fabulous. Keep winning. I'm proud of you. So self-image personal style. If you haven't listened to episode one 19 100%, be sure to do that. Um, your values, your taste communicated to the world. Non-verbally that's what we're talking about. Definitely go listen, but I'll try to catch you up right here. And right now, if you miss that one, to me, self-image, it's not what you look like. It's not the way people see you. It's how you see yourself, how you think of yourself. Your self-image is what you think about you, your body and the rest of you call it spirit, soul essence. What have you? That is self-image. It's what you think of you. Your personal style on the other hand is certainly more than simply what you wear. I have come to explain personal style as being three things, mindset, as in your way of thinking fashion, as in what you wear and your surroundings and what you keep around you in general, your belongings, your car, your home, you get it, um, ends. Speaker 0 00:09:15 Sometimes that extends into your words, your actions, how you move through space, how you treat people. And that does kind of sound like personal style is everything. If it's what you wear and what you say and how you say it and what you drive and where you live. Whoa, <laugh> that thinking? Thinking that it personal style, I was, everything might be kind of overwhelming. So that's why I like to narrow it down. Three things. It's my mindset. It's my fashion. It's my surroundings. Now that I've nailed that down. I wanna tell you about a few things. I considered to be the anti style or, um, the war on personal. There are five of them. I call 'em the foul five. These are five ideas or things that can Rob you of your personal style and your freedom within it. Ironically, the first of the five is the fashion industry itself. Speaker 0 00:10:15 The fashion industry that perpetuate it's this idea, that beauty luxury happiness, all come when you are paper thin and have no pores or blemishes and have lots and lots of money <laugh> and that is a lie. Do not listen to it. There's a lot of, a lot of damage done, um, from thinking that those feelings, especially happiness come only when you're draped in jewels and furs and designer garb, it's just, it's simply not true. Number two, the thought that quote, I don't have enough time or a, a sister of that thought. I don't want to spend time deciding what I wear. Oh yeah. <laugh>. Now that might actually be true. You very well may not have time to go shopping for every season or every audition. But if you have time to put on sweatpants and a t-shirt, you definitely have time to put on a dress or a jumper or a fabulous hat. Speaker 0 00:11:29 I'm wearing a fabulous hat right now. Let's let's jump now from my fabulous hat to Steve jobs. He's probably the most famous example of not spending time, deciding what you want to wear. You can go here and learn more about that. Watch the documentaries, read the articles, whatever, but ultimately decision making power is apparently somewhat limited throughout the day. And that guy has a lot of decisions to make. He didn't wanna waste valuable decision power on what shirt to wear. So he just always wore the same one. <laugh> let's put it this way. I'm assuming his closet was stacked with long sleeve black mock turtlenecks and jeans. That's it every single day. And that might be an option for you. You could just choose a uniform. All I'm saying is you can save time by deciding in advance, what you wanna wear. You can save time by only buying or keeping things that you love. Speaker 0 00:12:31 And furthermore, if you have time to brush your teeth, then you have time to think about what you'll do today, which means you have time to think about how you want to feel and look while doing it. You do have time. I'm gonna circle back to this later, cuz I have a, I have an idea. <laugh> number three, the, the, the third of the foul five things that could Rob you of your personal style is also a thought. This thought I don't have money. I don't have the money to have exquisite personal style. My friends, there are so many ways to look great and not spend loads of money. You can even look great and spend no money. And I cannot wait to tell you this story, the bestie, Megan Lawson. Hey me. Hi. Uh, just told me about a clothing experience that she had recently, a party, a cloth swap party that was this well-oiled machine of an event where a small group of people got together and brought all of the items they were ready to part with. Speaker 0 00:13:43 And, uh, there was like an, an MC a session leader that would hold up the garment. They would estate the brand, the size and the material. And then it got passed around very quickly. We all know how important and it is to feel the thing. And then a show of hands went up, uh, who was interested in keeping the garment. If no one raised their hand, the garment goes to the donate pile. If one person raises their hand work, they get the garment. If more than one person raises their hand dance battle to the death, JK JK civilized battle of the WIS, like in princess bride, JK, JK, um, they would draw a card, random deck of cards in the middle of the floor area room table. What have you, whoever draws the highest card gets to keep the item it's genius anyways, or a closed swap is just one of the great ways to acquire cool stuff for free for no money. Speaker 0 00:14:44 Plus it just sounds like a, a great party. I'm totally into it. Planning one currently stay tuned. Um, you know, the other thing actually, I really love about that is that if you, if you go the close swap route, uh, with, you know, socially with people that, you know, then if later you decide, dang, I shouldn't have gotten rid of that. That would be perfect to wear for this or whatever. You can maybe just call up your friend and ask if you could borrow it back for this one time use. I think that really relieves the pressure of like the forever donation. Anyways, that reminds me straight up, ask people if you can borrow stuff way better than shopping. It costs nothing. You get the benefit of that handoff hang, shout out, Jillian Meyers for letting me borrow your rooster blouse. Or was it a cockatoo? Speaker 0 00:15:39 I think it's a, it might be a cockatoo that's on that blouse. I'll take a photo then. Of course there are the low cost options like thrift stores or second end stores. Um, I don't know E eBay. I'm not much of a big eBay shopper, but there's oh, did rent the, uh, did rent the runway stop. There's even like, you know, runway, fashion, big name, brand stuff that you can just have for a short time versus own it forever. Anyways. Uh, I, I wanted to tell you a very quick story. One of my favorite of saving and of shopping and of session around the world looking fabulous was the year that I vowed to purchase no factory new clothing, thrift surplus, vintage borrowed only, except for underwear and socks. Those I did purchase new. That's just, you know, on a, you know, kind of hygienic principle thing. Speaker 0 00:16:36 Anyways, I spent less than $800 on clothes that entire year. Some of those items were my favorite forever things. I'll have them forever. They're one of a kind they're incredible. Um, and some of, some of those favorite things probably cost the less than like a meal at Chipotle. So I'm super into it. You can have exquisite style, you can find and own things that you love without spending a lot of money. All right. Number four, this is also a thought, but I hear it a lot. I don't have a style or I don't good taste. Speaker 0 00:17:19 Listen, my friend <laugh>, I don't believe in good taste or bad taste. I believe in many tastes. For example, the fashions of a farmer say in Wisconsin are functional. And to me that is fierce. I love that. And you know what? I bet that if I walked around the Iowa state fair, I would probably have questions, but I would probably also see a whole lot of humans who like certain things and dislike certain things. And that is taste <laugh> if you know what you like, and you know what you don't like, you have taste. And that's good enough for me. If you don't know what you like, and you don't know what you don't like go visit with, or the Iowa state fair <laugh> JK, no offense. Uh, no offense to Wisconsin or Iowa. Actually, here we go. If you don't know what you like, and you don't know what you don't like, please go purchase and read Centra Wilson's book called fear and clothing unbuckling American style. Speaker 0 00:18:29 I'm just gonna say that again, cuz it's such a great title. Fear and clothing unbuckling American style will be linking to it in the show notes. Um, Centra is a former New York times fashion critic. And in this book she takes the reader all across America and listen, <laugh> I culturally and fashionly can we call it? Can we make that word up? Fashionly not a word. Stick into it. I was totally awakened by this book. Please, please check it out. Um, I think you will have a greater sense of American taste and style as well as your own. Um, so give that a shot. Okay. Number five. The last one, the last thought or thing that can Rob you of your personal style is not even a thought or a thing. I'm just gonna call it a movement. It's this, this movement, this idea that became popularized by some book or some blog or some thing. Speaker 0 00:19:32 This idea that every item in your closet or home should bring you joy. Ugh. I'm sorry. I don't subscribe. I don't subscribe to it for a few reasons. Number one items do not make you happy or sad. Number two style is not about happiness. It is a about expression expression of you. You, the multidimensional human, you the sometimes happy, sometimes fierce, sometimes rebellious, sometimes wholesome, sometimes mysterious, sometimes fill in the blank, whatever human being, your style is not how you find happiness. It's how you introduce and reintroduce and keep reintroducing your ever-evolving taste and values to the world without saying a word. Speaker 0 00:20:29 Okay. So how do you actually do that? <laugh> in episode one 19, I shared so some of my golden guiding style principles, um, to which I have an amendment by the way. So I will blaze through those again really quickly. Right now we just talked about the foul five, the five things that get in the way of your personal style. For example, the, uh, I'll list them again quickly, the fashion industry, thinking that you don't have time or don't want to spend time thinking that you don't have money or don't want to spend money thinking that you don't have good taste or any taste at all. And then finally thinking that everything in your home or on your body should bring you joy. Okay? Now we're here. My abbreviated guiding principles in terms of fashion, number one, review the things that you have modify what you really, really like, but don't quite love yet. Speaker 0 00:21:26 So you love it. I'm a big fan of alterations. Huge. That brings me to number two straight up by things that fit, commit to not contorting your body in fitting mirrors, stand neutral. If it fits do it, if it doesn't, don't do it. Number three by things that you love. In other words, things that may you feel a certain way. And by the way, that way might not be happy. It might be soul true. It might be dangerous by things that you love. Number four, collect the pieces that feature your favorite parts of you. For example, your wrists, your collarbones, your knee pits. I don't know. Knee pits is what I call them. The back of your knee. Number five, stop compulsively spending, decide what you need and what you want and decide what you're prepared to pay for it ahead of time. Anything outside of that plan, you can sleep on and revisit the next day. Speaker 0 00:22:27 If you're still thinking about it the next day, put it on the plan for the next day and go for it. Number six, be patient, keep a watchful eye on the fashion world around you. You don't have to have it. Now. I swear. It probably took me 14 years to find my favorite pair of over the knee boots. And I'm obsessed. Number seven, refuse to be overwhelmed by this. It doesn't have to happen all at once. It doesn't have to be hard. It can be fun. You can have a closed swap party. And lastly, this is the one I forgot when you find the thing that you love and it is a reasonable amount of money and it fits you and you see your bed self wearing it or them all the time get multiples. My husband has more than 15 pairs of the same boots. Speaker 0 00:23:21 I will be sharing a photo of this. Um, these are his life boots. They're the only boots that he ever wants to wear. So he has many of them because he wears them out. I have three pairs of the same Lululemon trouser, forest, green, olive, drab, and black. I wear all three of them equally. I love them. They will last forever. They probably won't last forever. Actually the way I wear them, I should look into seeing if they still make those. I digress. Those are my guiding style principles. Check out episode one, 19 for a deeper dive on those. But today I want to share a different technique, a different guide rule for both shedding, the old and shopping for items of expression. Yes, yes. You can always make a vision board or spend four hours on the internet. Looking at your favorite looks from style icons. Speaker 0 00:24:17 But I promise this really simple rule is way more effective and you will probably feel way better about yourself and your bank account will when you practice this one, I call it the two out of three rule and it's as useful in deciding what you will buy as it is in deciding what you will release or let go or donate, or what have you here is how it works. Uh, while I'm talking right now, probably start looking for a pin pencil, something to write with, or start exercising your very short term memory, because I am about to spout off a whole bunch of adjectives. Yep. Words or in some cases, pairings of words, and you are listening for the three that best describe you. Now this is by no means an exhaustive list. So if you don't hear three words that describe you, uh, feel free to hit the Goa and see what you can see there. Um, if you still don't find any words that describe you flat out, then choose the ones that describe how you like to feel. Are you ready? Set. Speaker 0 00:25:28 Here we go. The first pairing natural slash relaxed or classic slash timeless artistic slash creative dramatic slash edgy, romantic, feminine, masculine androgynous alluring slash sexy, modern slash minimal playful, radiant polished slash professional, rough rustic, unique, eclectic, bold slash loud moveable as in airy or moveable as in athletic functional slash tactical. As in built for utility special pockets for special features, special loops and hooks and zippers and stuff. I love functional. Okay. Those are the adjectives. Here's the hard part. Choose only three. Okay. There's actually no punishment if you choose four or five, but then it's not the two outta three rule. It would be the three outta four rule or the four outta five rule, whatever that gets messy. Um, so just choose three and then you might wanna listen back to all the things they just said again, but after you've done that after you've decided on your three things, if the garment slash accessory slash item in question does not satisfy two out of the three, at least you don't buy it. Speaker 0 00:27:45 You don't keep it. You don't wear it. You don't use it leave or donate it to someone who's who's two outta three. It does fit <laugh>. This really makes tough decisions so much easier. Decide on your three and then two outta three. Oh, and if you're looking for something, uh, something, something to wear or have for a very special big event, it better be all three. Just saying also, if this is feeling vaguely familiar to you, if you're a, a, a die hard listener of the pod, I use a similar rule when I'm deciding what to share on Instagram. And I did an episode on that way, way back in the beginning, episode 10, called your social media storefront. And in that episode, I talked about thinking of my favorite places to shop and thinking of my, my social media as being kind of a brick and mortar place to shop. Speaker 0 00:28:44 So I asked myself, you know, what are the three qualities of the places I like to go? And maybe those three things can represent me and where people come to get me. Those three qualities were bright, colorful slash eclectic and full quality, like quality goods, none of that fast fashion stuff. So before I post I ask myself, is this bright, both visually and intellectually, is it intelligent? Number two, is it colorful? Does it represent a piece of my colorful self, my eclectic life? And lastly, is it quality? Is it of a standard that makes me proud if it isn't too out of those three things, you better believe it. I leave it in the dry FTS or just don't even think it just doesn't happen. Doesn't cross that, uh, the social media force field just is not released into the world. Um, that's my two outta three rule, very useful and very transferrable by the way for different uses as well. Speaker 0 00:29:53 Very democratic. Okay. Now I wanna circle back to what I said about not having time or not wanting spend time picking out what to wear this right now, by the way, is one of the ways this podcast got better. Thanks to waiting to rerecord it. After having a great call with my friend, Alyssa DKA here is what I'm thinking. People. I think that most of us or organize our apparel, whether they be in closets or dressers. Um, I think we, we organize them by type tank tops over here, shorts over here, jeans go like that altogether. Um, you know, long shirts, dresses, whatever. And I'm just thinking like, what if instead of organizing by garment type, we organized by feeling not texture, but emotion. Like what if every day while you were brushing your teeth or having your coffee or whatever it is that you're doing while you're thinking about what you have to do that day, what if in that moment you also thought about how you wanted to feel while doing those tasks. Speaker 0 00:31:16 For example, I'm going on a date later. I wanna feel romantic or I have four zoom calls. So I wanna feel comfortable actually in the pants department. Um, oh, or I have to type a lot today, so I wanna feel focused and I don't wanna wear any clicky snaps near my wrist. Um, or I have an audition today. I wanna feel capable and confident. I have to choreograph today. I wanna feel really creative, uninhibited free. Um, or maybe I'm a part of a skeleton crew workshop today. I want to feel work ready, like roll up the sleeves and get dirty kind of feeling. Um, like what if we really considered the emotional, the feeling, you know, for whatever the task it was that we had to do that day, right before we went to our closet to pick out the thing. And then instead of going to like the pants, then the shirts, then I'm making my closet sound very big. Speaker 0 00:32:12 It's not that big, but it does seem like when I, when I take a look at all of the options in front of me, they're all mixed together. All of those different feelings I organize by like, you know, tank tops here, then T it's, then long sleeve shirts, then sweaters, then jackets. And like, it just kind of escalates in style. I'm gonna share some photos. I really, I think I'm gonna make a change. I think I am going to organize my closet according to emotions. Now I haven't tested this theory yet. It is possible that it could save some time. I know how I wanna feel. I go directly to that type of feeling of clothing and grab literally anything it's really is possible that this is a terrible idea. At very least, it's not gonna look good. It's gonna look crazy. That's why I'm gonna test it, cuz it might not be worth it. Speaker 0 00:33:04 Um, I promise I will post before and after photos, but I just had to say that I really think there, there might be a revolution or at least a revelation <laugh> here. Um, okay. Now we have talked about my definitions of self image and personal style. We've recapped my guiding style principles. We've talked about the foul five, the things that can keep you from fully embodying and embracing and telegraphing and being loud with your personal style. Um, and I've told you about myd proposal to redesign closets all over the world. And now I wanna do a short cue and a specifically for dancers in the entertainment industry. Uh, I feel like I can a these cues after my 15 years of auditioning and more than that of being obsessed with clothing, I really do. I feel like, and my husband has co-signed on this. My clothes are like my tools, the way that he sees his tools, like his length, his printers, his, you know, uh, microscopes, his instruments are sort of the way that I view my clothing. They're how I get things done. They're how I affect my work. They are how I, I'm a visual artist and um, <laugh> clothing are a big part of the visual sphere I'm running out of words. You guys, so I'm gonna keep going with this. Okay. I get this question a lot in different types of forms. Is it good to be a blank slate or should I have a specific style? Hmm. Let's see. Is it good to be a blank slate? Yes. Or should I have a specific style also? Yes. Speaker 0 00:35:07 If you are a dancer working in the commercial industry, you will get castings asking for 100 different things. And in that it's important to both have a signature style and be sort of a blank canvas that people might be able to different castings onto. I'll give a couple of my favorite examples. Young mom, edgy punk rocker, edgy young mom, quirky young mom hipster. And you better believe it. Hipster young mom. <laugh> am I giving away my age? I think I have. I have also recently gotten casting breakdowns for creative business owner, frustrated coffee shop patron and my favorite model type. Yep. That's real. <laugh>. So when it comes to either being a blank slate or being very specific and standing out both are useful, this is definitely a both and scenario, especially if we're talking about castings or auditions, um, it is possible to wear khakis in a basic red shirt for your target employee audition and still be the girl with the cherry earrings. Speaker 0 00:36:29 Or you could wear your basic button down shirt and a blazer and be the person with the yellow socks. Like you can do both. I strongly recommend owning items that are striking and that help you stand out things that are memorable in addition to the following basics. And when I say basic, I don't mean you look basic. I mean, you look great, but they are basic kind of neutral items made a list for you. Here we go. Jeans. Yes, you should own a pair of jeans that you look amazing in and that you can dance in. That's the catch also khakis hate to break it to you. But I was able to find a pair as I was shopping for a tourist look, I found a pair of cat that I low key love, and I wear them all the time. Now, um, shirts just standard t-shirts in colors that look great on you and that don't have logos or busy print. Speaker 0 00:37:37 I'll tell you what. After my fourth casting for a best buy play, I went ahead and bought myself a blue polo shirt that doubles pretty well for any sales associate role. So you should probably have a polo shirt, um, a bathing suit. Yep. That came up recently, uh, a summer dress or Hawaiian shirt, something that looks vacationy a, a professional business look, button down, shirt, blazer, uh, suit jacket, slacks, and oh yes, you will need a quote hip look. And I have exactly one of those. It's a bucket hat, a sweatsuit, Nike socks and Nike sneakers, the hippest <laugh> oh, super pro tip. If you are like me and in that age bracket where you are auditioning for young mom and dad or husband, wife, go ahead and get yourself a costume wedding ring, unless you are actually married and you have your own ring, get a costume wedding ring because listen to this, y'all something in the consumer mindset believes that married people are trustworthy. Speaker 0 00:38:50 We wanna buy stuff from people, or we wanna take recommendation on products from people who are trustworthy. Go watch eight commercials right now. And I almost guarantee almost I'm not that confident. I am confident that like six out of eight, certainly six out of 10, the, um, principle figures in those commercials will have visible wedding rings or spouses. I'm just saying, it's a thing. If you're like above and beyond, like I am, uh, go get yourself a costume wedding ring there. You have it. Okay. For all of those basics, I just mentioned the ring, the khakis, the shirts, the bathing suit, summer dress business, look, all the things you can still apply that two outta three rule to all of the above. You can still have your values and those things, the standout part, the get specific, have a personal style part that comes in the details, the accessories, the makeup, the hair, the nails, the tattoos, the jewelry, the way you talk, the way you move your face, the, um, like your emotionality, just like Sean ever though mentioned in last week's episode, which is also a must listen. Speaker 0 00:40:04 So good emotionality and vulnerability are his superpower and nuance and detail. Those are like his Cape, his Superman Cape. They are so important. Do not overlook the nuanced details. Um, okay. One more question in the Q and a section for the jobs that aren't looking for, specific roles and for the ones that ask you to show your own personal style. Yeah. How do I do that? <laugh> how do I know what to wear when it asks for my own style? Okay. So technically you could go to your closet and just grab anything and that would be your style, right? But it is a plain and simple fact that your favorite look might not be the best look on camera. So if you're a person who wants to be kniting and booking work from self tapes, set aside an hour or two, some time and some space to do a screen test of the looks that you love. Speaker 0 00:41:10 It sounds so obvious, but not many people actually do this. Most of us wait to receive the casting and then go barreling through the clause. It stressed trying to compile a look that is uniquely us or our own amusing air quotes. Um, and it's just so funny cuz everything in our closet is our own, but not everything looks great on camera example, I have a favorite jumper. It's from big bud press. You know the one you've seen it all over Instagram TikTok, it's this colorful one piece jumpsuit. I love the fit. I have it in three colors because if I love it, I buy it in three colors. Um, anyways, I wore the white one for a self tape where I was auditioning for the role of house painter, white jumpsuit house painter. I thought I had nailed it till I saw this playback. Y'all oof, oof. Speaker 0 00:42:09 I looked like a jet puff, marshmallow, a plus white bag of bones with hair on top. And actually it somehow made my skin look orange. Like I am a fair person. I looked like a new, Pompa not the look and I didn't have time to re-shoot it wearing something else? Whoa, not my strongest moment. Um, I truly maintain it is better to look great than to look the part, give yourself a day test some looks. And while you're doing this, by the way, be kind, um, seeing your body and your favorite outfits on camera <laugh> uh, might be a little uncomfortable for you. Maybe question mark is certainly was for me in this audition moment. Um, what, what we do when we self-tape, when we submit, when we audition is a little bit inhumane, it is a lot, a bit superficial. So as you are looking at the surface, also dig in love on yourself a little bit, remind yourself that this is a part of your job. Speaker 0 00:43:17 It is not who you are. Um, yeah, that's, that's my thought on that. How do you decide what to wear? Test it all out on camera and be kind to yourself in the process. All right. My friends, woo. I, it seems like I could go forever on this subject. Uh, but I'll close out by saying this for us creative types, both on camera and behind actually wardrobe, items and accessories, your hair, your makeup, all the extra dude ADSS. They're literally a write off. It is an investment. It is important that we communicate our tastes and our value to the world. So let's make deliberate investments here choosing to love on your body and choosing to invest in your personal style are power moves. So let's go. I am so stoked to reorganize my closet according to emotions, instead of a core to size of items. I can't wait to tell you how that goes. I am 100% going to be having a clothing swap in the next couple months. I'm gonna take advantage of this spring cleaning moment and I'm gonna do it. So stay tuned for details on that. Stay tuned for before and after photos of my closet and how that actually turns out and also be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Of course. Keep it funky. And two outta three, two outta three. Don't forget. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Now Speaker 0 00:44:53 This podcast was produced by me with the help of many music by max Winney logo and brand design by Bree res and a big thanks to Riley Higgins, our executive assistant and editor, and also a massive thanks to you. The mover who is no stranger to taking action, I will not stand in the way of you taking action. I will not cannot stop you from downloading episodes or leaving a review and a rating. I cannot keep you from visiting the Dana wilson.com to join our mailing list. I will not ban you for my online store for spending your hard earned money on the cool merch and awesome programs. That'll await you the, and of course, if you want to talk with me, work with me and make moves with the rest of the words that move me community, I will 100% not stop you. Visit the Dana wilson.com to become a member and get a peek at everything else I do. That is not a weekly podcast. Keep it funky, everyone.

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