141. The First Hub for African Diasporic Music and Dance with Kara Mack

September 14, 2022 00:52:37
141. The First Hub for African Diasporic Music and Dance with Kara Mack
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
141. The First Hub for African Diasporic Music and Dance with Kara Mack

Sep 14 2022 | 00:52:37


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This week we have returning guest Kara Mack, back for round two! She’s going to tell you all about her latest venture (that you can 100% benefit from no matter where you live or how you dance)... Yes, we’re talking about the first ever online hub for African diasporic music and DANCE. As if that wasn’t enough, we go deep on purpose, influence and (of course) instagram!

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 Welcome to words that move me, the podcast where movers and shakers, like you get the information and inspiration. You need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. I am your host, Dana Wilson. And I move people. I am all about the tools and techniques that empower tomorrow's leaders to make the work of their dreams and live a full life while doing it. So whether you're new to the game or transitioning to your next echelon of greatness, you're in the right place. Oh my friend. Hello and welcome Dana here. This is words that move me. We are doing it. What are we doing? We are doing a great podcast right now. <laugh> I am so stoked for this episode. This week we have returning guest Karam. She is back for round two, and she is going to tell you all about her latest venture that you 100% can slash should hopefully will benefit from that is the first and I mean ever first ever online hub for African diasporic music and dance. Speaker 0 00:01:14 Yes. You're like, what, what does that mean? How do I find it? What does that look like? We're gonna get into all of that. And as if that weren't enough, we're gonna go deep on purpose on influence. Also on Instagram, we do get into that a little bit, so much, so good. Can't wait. But of course, let's start with some wins. Shall we? Today I am celebrating the first in a very, very long time, uh, trip to the Pasadena rose bowl and the discovery that I actually have a type when it comes to furniture. And that type turns out is midcentury modern. I was with my good friend, Taylor, James, shout out Tay. Thank you for being my, my chaperone at this event, because left unattended, I can make some very questionable decisions at, uh, flea markets. So everything I pointed at, I was like, Ooh, I love that. Speaker 0 00:02:14 Ooh, I love that. Taylor's like midcentury modern. Midcentury midcentury um, so that's where I'm at. I I'm celebrating that. I learned my own taste a little bit better today and I did it even before most people woke up. I got that early bird pass this morning because the heat in LA right now, not it for me, not it for me, which reminds me, I will group in with this win a public service announcement, a reminder to you. And to me, drink water, like grab some right now while you're listening, do it, drink it. Okay. That's me. That's my win. Let's move on. What's going well in your world. Hit. Speaker 1 00:03:09 Yay. Wow. Speaker 0 00:03:12 All right. Congratulations. My friend thrilled for you. We're gonna keep this winds train chugging down the track right into this conversation with Kara, because she has so much to celebrate and we will all have much to celebrate as the fruits of her labor bloom. Um, she's launching a partnership with pop city, which is an online community for dancers, both students and professional types to showcase their work, make connections, uh, find training opportunities and, and, and Kara and her company, Africa and America are bringing something very special to Bob city. She's offering words that move me, listeners, a discount on the launch event, which is this weekend. If you're listening at the time of the release, September 17th and 18th, hold on checking. Yes, we're back September 17th and 18th. I'll give all that good info and the promo code at the end of the episode, after Kara fills you in on more. All right, let's do this. Enjoy the one and only M Kara Mack. Welcome back. Laugh attack. Cannot wait. Something about a stack. I don't know. Speaker 2 00:04:32 Oh my God, Dana. You're hilarious. You should have your own standup at this point. And I don't understand why. Speaker 0 00:04:40 Oh my goodness. I thought you were gonna say, I should have a podcast. I was like news flash, Kara back. You are the podcast today. Get ready for it. We're gonna have so much fun. Um, so you're, you're back. You're an OG now on the, on the, or should I call you a sophomore? You're not quite, I, I don't, I haven't had, haven't had many repeats. So, um, thrilled to have you back and dig a little bit deeper into you, your projects. Uh, but before we do it, I'm just gonna throw to you in case people have not heard your first episode, which was already last year, like that was a year. Wow. Speaker 2 00:05:16 Wow. Speaker 0 00:05:17 I can't, um, take, take the floor, introduce yourself. What would you like us to know about you? Speaker 2 00:05:22 Hello everyone. How are you guys doing? <laugh> <laugh> as you can see, I'm a, let's Speaker 0 00:05:29 Start with the Speaker 2 00:05:29 Conversation revolutionary <laugh> I would like to call myself a goofy revolutionary. Oh, love it. My name is Karam. Um, I'm here. I'm alive. I'm breathing. Yes. And I'm just happy to be a black Renaissance woman who, um, who's able to do many different things and I'm just happy that they bring in income for my family and myself. <laugh> <laugh> and I'll just keep it at that. Yeah. I'm a full blown full out artist, performing artists. And I love to do the 50 million things that fall up under that umbrella every day in my life. So, yes. Hello. Speaker 0 00:06:12 <laugh> hello. Thank you so much for being here again. Um, in the first episode that we did a year ago, uh, you were talking a little bit about your brand Africa and America. Now you and Africa and America have teamed up with Bob city, um, to create the first ever, ever online hub for African diasporic music and dance. And I'm stoked about that. Um, I, I know the need for this, and I hope the demand for this is huge. So talk, talk, talk to me about it. How, how did this come to be? Speaker 2 00:06:52 Well, it's so interesting. So Lily, uh, she used to work for cuz she's 100% on one side an engineer. Speaker 0 00:07:03 Mm. And, and Lily is the Lily to, to back Speaker 2 00:07:07 Up the owner of Speaker 0 00:07:08 BSY. There we go. There we go. Carry on. Speaker 2 00:07:11 So Lily's the owner of BSY, but her first, like major job was basically an engineer that built the infrastructure of no other than rotten tomatoes. So everything that you see visually, like when you click on the website, things of that nature, she was a part of the team of people that, that built, made what rotten tomatoes, what we see today. So on the other side, when I connected with her, I found out that she was actually a folklorist in Chinese culture in terms of a dancer. So when she began to take dance classes, because she used to live in the bay area for many, many years. So when she started to take African diasporic dance classes in the San Francisco Oakland area, she began to make connections with her own personal folkloric, Chinese culture, dance life. So she was saying, even with things like, um, Flamingo and her going to Spain and them bringing up like the fan and, and, and how you should just pop open the fan. Speaker 2 00:08:24 And this was her first class and she popped open the fan due to her training in Chinese folkloric movement. And so they looked and they was like, oh, like you, like, you know this. And then they began to explain the connections between that dance style and even Chinese culture dance. So it's just like she on her own outside of, you know, what I'm doing over here. It was a long time ago just making the connections. And she started boxy because she, um, understood like, okay, in the artist world, like dancers work really, really, really hard. And I see all of these teachers from all genres of dance, it's really trying to get their classes popping, really trying to get these events popping. So, because I have this engineer training, I'm going to create a social platform for dancers to be able to do that on their own. Speaker 2 00:09:19 So that's what BSY is. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So here it is. I connected with an academy called liberation academy and the main hub of it was in the Oakland San Francisco area. So she was one of the participants for that. And through this liberation academy, you basically got through six months, me up close and personal, you had to sign up, you had to commit for six months, uh, to myself and six other participants who led panel discussions. We led workshops. It was basically like a mini private school for anything under the African diaspora. And so she was one of them. So now she's understanding like, oh, Kara Mackin, Africa, and America. And I totally believe in what you're doing. So she reached out to me. So she was like, Kara, I have this thing called box city, go on the website, check it out. Mm-hmm <affirmative> are you interested in creating a hub that when someone goes on my website, but on the homepage, they see Africa and America, they click on it and they can get an all access. Speaker 2 00:10:29 The algorithm, the, the infrastructure created where you don't even have to manually do anything. It's based off of how many people create their free accounts. And they, the teachers themselves can get the direct access. So whatever city you live in, even if you're overseas, Hey, I'm interested in taking the class, you know, Afro Brazilian class, but I'm over here actually in Brazil. So how can, oh, because this teacher teaches both in America and in Brazil, click on their SI, see if their classes are popping off in like one hub, one resource, all access to all of these different styles. You can click based off of the city. You can click based off of the teacher. If you have like preferences, like I love this master dancer. You can click based off of the genre. So, because I have information on all of these sub genres and things of that nature, Lily gave me the infrastructure by which I can be able to just relax her team of people. All I have to do is give them the information. And now September 17th for the first time ever click one time, whole world opens up. So I'm so excited. Speaker 0 00:11:44 So, okay. I, I am too, I'm grinning ear to ear. I don't wanna make sure that I understand like the different tiers of, um, kind of organization. And then the main focus obviously is connection, right? Connecting dancers and educators, connecting, um, people from different places to each other. And I do wanna, I, I'm a little bit curious because I've poked around boxy a little bit and it's so like you mentioned, it's very good to look at. It's very clean and easy to understand you can. I mean, there, there are genres that you can select. There are actual companies that you can select. There are regions you can select, you can find studios in your area. Um, you are being connected to in person classes, correct. This isn't an online training platform or is it, Speaker 2 00:12:33 It is anything that you put on your profile. Speaker 0 00:12:38 Boom. So I could put a tutorial up and you could click on me and be taking my, my class via video in your face. Speaker 2 00:12:47 It totally takes the middleman out. It's based off of your choice. It's the same way that we use Facebook, the same way that we use, but the re the, the two platforms that I would really like to connect to with is more like a LinkedIn slash IMDB. Mm-hmm Speaker 2 00:13:03 <affirmative>. So it basically, you have to create first the free account. So it's not Kara picking her favorite teachers or favorite performance. It is not Africa and America featuring something. No, you take the responsibility. If you like, and you create the account. And with that, you fill in all of your experiences, click on the genres that you are either a dancer, or you actually teach mm-hmm <affirmative>. You have the option to basically create an online resume. But the other option is that you have the option to put up your classes so you can list your classes that will automatically go into creating a calendar. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So, so for people that may not know you, the fact that you put your classes up there for the people, that's like, oh, my Saturdays are free. Mm-hmm <affirmative> let me click on Bob cities or African America's calendar and Saturday let, and when you put your list of classes, it automatically goes into the list of classes for people who are just in the unknown. Speaker 2 00:14:09 So that's huge, right? Yeah. So for right now, it's gonna even get to the point where you can be able to receive money directly using your B account for your classes. So you won't even have to need like an external way or even send 50 million people. Like this is my cash app. This is my Venmo. Like, you could be able to directly get everything for your self, with your free account that you have on BSY. So that's why it's like groundbreaking, because there is it's, it's all based off of how much you want to put out there. If you have performances, put that up on your account. If you have classes, put that up and you can say online, and in person, these are the days, da, da, da, da. So whoever goes here is the link to my online. If it's like more than, you know, a short little tutorial or something like that, all of that is on you and your control that you have no one else, you don't have to pay me like Kara Africa and America. Can it feature? No, it's all you. Speaker 0 00:15:14 Okay. I now have 85 more questions. I'm gonna try to streamline <laugh>. Most of them are coming from my like online business brain. That's like, how does that actually work on the back end? I'm not gonna start there if we have time fine, but also those are probably more Lily questions. And I hear a new Lily and B city episode coming around the bin. I think I must have her as a guest. That's her story is fascinating. Um, but one question I have for you specifically, because I know how important authenticity is to you. Do you have a vetting process or a quality control process that will, uh, assure students that what they are learning is the real thing. Like if everybody's allowed to post whatever they want. And I say, you know, I'm, I'm Dana and I'm gonna teach, uh, a west African class. I <laugh> could not, should not be doing that. But what if I'm, what if I don't know that I should not be doing that? Like, is there a, is there a net that catches that, um, before any sort of like misinformation starts to happen? Or what does that look like for you guys? Speaker 2 00:16:27 No, that's a great question because that is honestly a great fear for many people. So mm-hmm, <affirmative> the first thing that I'm gonna say is when you see the hub, um, September 17th, when it actually is live, the first thing that you will see visually is a cover photo of all of the teachers who passed away, who did this. So it sets a precedent. So when you're seeing like, um, Catherine Dunham, when you're seeing Alvin AI, when you're seeing, uh, master Jim FOS, like mama kata, Madam Faye, when you're seeing all of these people who put in the work since like the fifties or the sixties here in America, teaching all of these African diasporic styles and, or like Katherine Dunham, even creating their own technique based off of African diasporic styles, it like, it sets precedent like, okay, here we go. Like, this is what I visually see. Mm-hmm <affirmative> the second thing is that I created a badge where, for the people who are still living, who are veteran veteran veterans, who I actually have personal relationships with like 90% of them, they will have a badge by their name to let everyone know like, oh, these are the master dancers. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, these are the master musicians and everything else from there, Dana I'm over here, meditating and praying that every <laugh> Speaker 0 00:17:58 Wants. Speaker 2 00:17:59 Like, so that's the Speaker 0 00:18:00 Two that I want. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:18:03 So that's the two things that I'm saying that basically is in my control. Like I want people visually to come with like, oh, I have to respect my ancestors. I have to respect, you know, the people who put in work that's like in your face. And then the second thing is the it's like creating what Instagram started with the verified check mm-hmm <affirmative> for your used soof combas for your mum, not to comas for like the master dancers who are the heavy hitters they've been putting it in for decades upon decades here in America teaching, they will get a verified mm-hmm <affirmative>. So it's like they will automatically in the system go to the top. Um, and I hope and pray that people <laugh> will be on their best behavior when they list their experiences in this Speaker 0 00:18:52 <laugh>. I hope so, too. And if not, and if there are problems, you will learn a way to create your own technique of how to solve for that. But yeah, exactly. It's a, I think it that's a question in any, you know, educational forum or institution is like Speaker 2 00:19:08 Very true, Speaker 0 00:19:10 You know, someone decides if that person gets the job. And I think that this could be a really exciting way of leveling the playing field for people who might not have otherwise had opportunities to teach or have audience, um, to have that. And it's really, really exciting. Um, and at the same time you get to, you know, you, especially as like creator, founder, not regulator, but curator probably in some ways yeah. Curator, you get to, you get to, uh, weigh in on that and find ways of organizing, prioritizing, and then helping. Like if that person isn't prepared to be, uh, the authority on a certain thing, I would imagine a one on one connection from you would empower them and connect them to the right people to help them become that love. So I see it Owen on all on all fronts. That's very cool. Speaker 2 00:20:01 Thank you, Dana. I really appreciate that. And I, and hopefully, you know, that's my prayer every day is that, you know, I make sure that I at least do my part the little 10 or 5% and do it full out so that, you know, you know, not, not half doing it, not doing it, you know, 50%, but always like doing it full out so that, you know, whoever I can influence or touch it could be able to, you know, be changed in some way. But the one thing that I wanna say about Boby that I love, um, is the fact that it's simple and clean. We're in an era where things are basically like fluffed we're in the fluff, the over content. I like to use the word fluff, like everything is in the, with me being in, in the choreographer position and having to choose people. Speaker 2 00:20:53 And it's like, the IG account is now your new resume. I would like for it to go in a direction where it's like platforms like BK will be the new resume, because that actually is like a resume where you actually have the ability to put video, to put content, but I can still at the same time, see credits or see some type of activity rather than the fluff, because I've been mistakenly in situations where, oh, it looks nice on IG, but then I get in real person and it's not really the same because the camera angles were working so well. And I got in, you know, attracted to, oh, the movie of the IG, but it's like here with BSY here, going back into it being like a IM D B a LinkedIn type of version it's like right there. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:21:44 I, my, my instinct question is like, how is it different? And I guess I'll have to wait and find out to see the format. Yes. Um, but like, when I, if you're saying that I can put up whatever content I want, then I'm gonna put up the stuff that looks great. Just like I would on Instagram. So how is it different like that? I, I, I'm gonna let you answer that question. How is it different? Speaker 2 00:22:07 The reason. So with Facebook, uh, you have the fluff with the comment section, like that's so BSY and the Africa and America hub will not be that <laugh> with Instagram. It is, uh, and they actually intentionally said this the other day, like we are video heavy, like, forget the way that we started. No, like abstract pictures. We are straight video, video heavy. So content upon content. So with B city, it's more like, as I said a resume, so it's not going to bombard me with the content. What is gonna bombard me with is the presentation of this artist and how it's set up. It's like resume style. So it's the way it's, it's so close to LinkedIn. So close to IM D B, especially for the people like myself, cuz I can even show you my boxy account. Um, later the way it's just like, oh, this is clear. Speaker 2 00:23:11 If I wanna look at classes, it's right there. If I wanna look at commercial, uh, dance experiences, the genre, everything is like li and her team did an amazing job with the, the, the structure of how it's visualized. Everything can be accessed in like in, in, in, uh, like quickly, like really quick. It's interesting. And that's what goes back to the bomb job that the engineers did with how it's structured. So I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll and find that video is once again your responsibilities. So if you are real, is the thing where for that three minutes, I get to see it. So you get the choice to put your real biggest day at the top. So that's the first thing that I'm clicking. I don't have to keep scrolling and scrolling every two minute video every like with IG mm-hmm <affirmative>. So that's what I love. And that's the difference. Speaker 0 00:24:05 Got you. So it sounds like it's a little bit of quality over quantity, probably more text heavy and you know, more information based versus like slideshow based and that exactly. And then that the layout element helps you navigate to exactly what you want, whether it's classes or personal information versus Instagram is like this much information in your bio and then a world of scroll that makes the exactly not to mention Instagram is specifically designed for a phone and I'm imagining if people are gonna be watching larger format videos or taking a tutorial, this is, this is gonna be a, a computer experience. I'm sure there is a mobile. Yes, definitely. But Speaker 2 00:24:49 Yes, yes. It's definitely a mobile interface. Yes, yes, yes. Most definitely. Speaker 0 00:24:53 Um, well this is lovely music to my ears. I'm very excited about it. Um, it's sort of, you know, in our, in our last interview, you talked a lot about bridging worlds between, you know, this like deep rooted culture that you have, the appreciation that you have for the African diaspora and, and commercial world, your choreographing TV and film, your movement, coaching massive A-list artists. You're like doing big stuff. In that episode, we talked a lot about bridging those two worlds. Um, and it sounds like the aim for Bob city in Africa and America is to also maybe not bridge, but thread, um, dancers, genres, locations, kind of this, this idea of weaving and bridging is showing up again. So I'm so not shocked that this is you and what you're doing right now, but is there any, am I missing something bigger? Like, is there, what is the impact you hope this to leave other than a more connected community or is there, is that the goal? Speaker 2 00:26:01 The goal when I started, uh, Africa and America in 2014, um, I inevitably just wanted to shine a light on all of the artists who do what I do here in America. And also those who have passed away and basically put inside of me and all of these artists, what we do and for it to now come to 20, 22 and the infrastructure is there for me to do that. That is what's big about it because Dana, you know, when something is like new in the industry, you pick the token person to be the representative for all. And I never wanted to be that. I understand that I have a gift, but I understand that there's a whole bunch of people who have been doing this. And it's just like, just because I'm in this certain position right now, it's just like, you're the token person. It's like, no, I don't necessarily have to be. And how can it be, uh, a platform or something that creates this accessibility and visibility to these artists when they choose to do it? Cuz once again, it's also me out of it. Like it is your choice. Like if you Speaker 0 00:27:27 Wanna step forward, Speaker 2 00:27:27 Step forward, if you wanna step forward. So a lot of people have been complaining that there isn't any way for them to step forward. You have to really like as dancers and the commercial dance world, you have to grind. And so for the people that are labeled specialty, you really have to grind mm-hmm <affirmative>. So it's just like, is there a way for me to get the same visibility that these other genres get here in America? Is there a platform that cuz I'm putting my foot forward, but it seems like it's, you know, getting a lot of pushback because it's once again genres that aren't really, um, academically respected right now, but it's getting there Speaker 0 00:28:09 Known period. Speaker 2 00:28:10 Exactly known period. Yeah. Yeah. So it's just me taking the initiative to say, you know what, I'm going to create these situations or I'm going to build these relationships so that all of you can have the access and the visibility that you've been searching for. Mm-hmm <affirmative> just at least that. Now it's up to you to know how to clean house, which is the visibility, how you list things, how you do it, it's up to you to take the responsibility, not me. So there will never be like, oh car, you didn't put my class or yo you didn't put my performance. You have to list all of those for your city states companies, da da, da, da, da. So that's why it's big for me. And that's why it's basically the first ever it's never been done. People have tried to manually do it. People have reached out like, Hey, send me your classes in Los Angeles, New York, like send me, I will keep up the website. And then they realize that's too much. <laugh> that's too much work. And so now for Lilly to have this infrastructure, yeah. I'm like, let's do it because I take the initiative, take the first step. Y'all have fun, have a ball. Speaker 0 00:29:29 <laugh> that's cool. You really just flipped a switch for me in that explanation because I think many dancers have started thinking of like you said, Instagram as being, being a resume. But um, sometimes along with that, there comes the intrinsic feeling of uh, um, Speaker 0 00:29:54 Being on audition all the time. Like if Instagram is your resume, then you are on audition trying to get the job all the time. And I think the inverse is true or it sounds like the inverse is true for what bobs city is doing. It's saying here's my storefront come shopping. I'm not I'm I will put my best product in the store, but it's such an empowered shift to say like, no, I'm a business person. This is my business. You can come shopping here. And if this is what you like, spend your money. Um, and I mean that like, uh, as a metaphor, but also sure make money. That's great. This is what we love. Um, and I'm so curious about how that works on a platform like this, but anyways, that is a huge shift and that would make, you know, I, I hope that the Bob city users feel empowered versus like, you know, trying to go fishing. And I hope I get a catch today. You know, it's, that's a big difference. Speaker 2 00:30:50 That's what you hit it right on the nail. Like there is nothing else to say, I'm getting excited because you understand it. And so that means that there is hope that there will be more people that will understand why this is such a big deal because of even the height of what dancers are fighting for in terms of the pay rate, in terms of just how they're respected in general, the, the culture is shifting and this is just a perfect time to do this. Mm-hmm <affirmative> for it to now be like, okay, you guys, so we are shifting anyways. So now let's open the floodgate and let's see this entire spectrum of mu of movement period, entire spectrum so important. And so now it doesn't have to be someone saying a speech to you every two seconds. It's now like, no, this is one online resource, one click, and you can just have a ball in discovering how much has already been around you. And it's no judgment, no shade, just have a ball and say, oh my God. Wow. And don't below it and don't below. Oh, but that's under Afro urban street movement. Speaker 0 00:32:10 Even learning from the structure, learning from the layout of things would be informative. Let alone like getting your butt into a class or into a tutorial. That's fascinating. Um, I've, I've only taken a handful of African period, African of many different types classes in person. Um, and I, I don't know of many studios that offer them as part of a regular schedule. So I think that there's definitely need for this. And, and I even Le live in Los Angeles, which is a massive hub for dance and entertainment. So I can only imagine people in other locations how valuable this will be, um, stoked on it. Stoked on you so glad. I'm sure it must have been a lot of work. Thank you. And you'll continue to work at, in this, in this initial launch, but it's gonna be so great. Um, thank you. Okay. So I would be remissed if I had you here and did not ask a couple questions, cuz the way you set this, this interview off was like, I, I can imagine myself listening and being blown away, like, wait, she's a that and a, this and a mom and of that. Speaker 0 00:33:20 And she does this and she's launching a what? Like, okay, so you wear a lot of hats. You do a lot of things. Well, you have gifts, but you also have work ethic. Um, wondering if you could tell us something that people might be surprised to hear that is that, uh, kind of helps you do all of the things helps you operate in these many different, you know, sub worlds of dance. Like how do you do all those things? That's Speaker 2 00:33:56 A big question, Speaker 0 00:33:57 Right? Because I asked for the thing that people wouldn't expect. It would be an easy question if you were like, well, I have an assistant and I schedule my calendar really well. And I have a husband that helps me raise our child. And, but like, what are the, are there any things that people would be surprised to hear that you do? That is how you really get it done? Speaker 2 00:34:18 Okay. Well, since you asked that question, Dana, I would just have to, can I just be hella deep? Speaker 0 00:34:25 Yeah, please. I've got a snorkel. <laugh> you know, I <laugh>, you know, I'm not lying. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:34:34 Well, to be completely honest, Dana, and this is not for anybody to be like, oh my gosh, she's making me an emotional, I had my first son 2007, uh, September 18th, 2007 and I almost died. Okay. Oh Speaker 0 00:34:54 Wow. Speaker 2 00:34:55 Ha having my first child mm-hmm <affirmative> so that transition or possible transition, I came back into this world full throttle, like literally that of course I had two kids. My third child happened during the pandemic total surprise. It was crazy. That's hilarious. Um, but my intention from that moment in 2007 was to not allow any person or any scenario to take me off the path that I'm on. Like nothing. So even when I'm tired, even when things happen to me that are painful, even when things happen to me that are totally unexpected. And it's just like, no, you have to do it. My intention flipped because it's like, no, today is the day I have to do it. I have to do it. So that's the deeper reason for why I'm able to handle. And I will continue to handle with this Aries intention of mine that it just has to get done. But then on the other side is that I'm also intentional about how I have to treat myself. So people use the word influence and it's like, I just wanna be effective. I just wanna shift things. I just wanna make sure things are, you know, always evolving or always growing. Okay, cool. But if I'm using influence, it has to be inside me first. Speaker 2 00:36:37 So it's not just an external thing where you have a bunch of people that may have the intention of yes, it has to get done. I'm on this journey. I'm not, I'm focused on focus, but then on the other side they forget about them. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and so I'm intentional about getting things done, but I'm also very intentional about not allowing things to happen inside of me or to me and taking time for me so that I am able to be there for others so that I'm able to, you know, spread whatever goofiness or joy or information that I'm spreading at that time. So it's those two things that happened during the time where I thought that I wasn't gonna be here anymore. So that's the deeper answer for like, how do you do it's like, I just made up in my mind to do it. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:37:31 <laugh> Carmac. Thank you for that vulnerability. And I'm so sorry to hear that that happened to you. Um, I'm so glad that you've shared it because I can only imagine how frightening that must be to endure and how, if you felt that you had to endure it alone, that that might be a terrible feeling. So thank you for sharing. And that is exactly why I didn't ask. How do you calendar your work? <laugh> because that's just not as interesting, Speaker 2 00:38:01 But even in the world that we live in Dana, like yes, I do have to do all of those practical things. Yes. But then in the world, it's just like, hurry up and wait or hurry up. There's something else or totally. So it's like, you really have to have a, a stronger underlaying other than the practical things that you try to do to make everything happen. <laugh> mm-hmm, <affirmative>, mm-hmm <affirmative> so yeah. Speaker 0 00:38:26 Yeah. I it's the difference between the what and the why? Like my, what is I wake up at this time, I jump on the bike and I do that. And then I calendar and then I called people and then I email and then like, that's the what? But the why is like, because if I didn't get to ever again, I would be devastated or it's like, yeah, because I, because I must cuz the thought of not makes me want to implode or like, like that part is so important. So thank you for, for that answer and your vulnerability again. So appreciate it. It's inspiring. Um, I also just came off of watching. <laugh> not proud, but am honest about it. I just watched five episodes of Bridger 10. I'm late, late to the game. You Speaker 2 00:39:12 Is so late Speaker 0 00:39:13 Dam. I'm so late. Don't worry about it. I, especially, if it's super popular, I hold off. Like I still have, I Speaker 2 00:39:19 Do this same frame, but this is another level of late Dana. This is another level of late. Speaker 0 00:39:25 I know. Apparently there's like how many seasons are there? Speaker 2 00:39:28 Oh my God. They wouldn't. But they they're. They just ended the second season about to go the third season. Dana. Speaker 0 00:39:34 Okay. Okay. So I'm not that don't make me feel that bad. I finished season one last night and there is so much baby having on that show so much. Um, well more sex than baby having, but man, you get up close on Netflix. They're allowed to show a lot. <laugh> and I saw two birth last night, which is uh, uh, more than more than I've seen in the last like 12 years. <laugh> so I can only imagine and have so much compassion for what it means to be a mother hats off to you Speaker 2 00:40:08 PAX. Yes. Yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. That was hilarious. Speaker 0 00:40:13 <laugh> I can't, I am. I was very vocal as well. Cuz I was home by myself. I was like having, I was in dialogue with my device. I was like, oh no. Oh, oh yep. You bet. Oh my Speaker 2 00:40:27 That is hilarious. Speaker 0 00:40:29 I wish there was a hidden camera of this. Um, okay. Let's bring it back. Um, I will be at the launch for Bob city and Africa and America. I'm so excited. Tell me what I should expect. Um, which is the same thing as telling everybody who's listening. What they will miss if they're not there. Speaker 2 00:40:48 Yes you guys. Okay. So let me take you into the world of the launch of in Africa and America's first ever online hub for African Dipo musicians and dancers. So September 17th, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Crenshaw yoga and dance, the beautiful Crenshaw, yoga and dance. They have so many beautiful spaces there in west LA OCL, Hardison, the ACL, the person, big fan, really big fan. Now the choreographer for Nia Twain, he's killing it, killing it for SNIA right now. Um, and he's done so many different things. And as a dancer, just as a dancer, the reason why I continuously hire him is he is always the example. I always make people I'm like, do it again. Watch OCL. Everything that I am wanting that human in front of me is doing. So please make sure that you watch him. Mm-hmm <affirmative> he is just the, the, uh, everything that I look for. He has, Speaker 0 00:41:56 You are giving me so many podcast guest ideas. I have to have Ossie on the podcast. Speaker 2 00:42:00 Carry on. Yes you do. So, oh my, he is teaching. Yes. He's teaching a masterclass choreography, uh, workshop where it's going to be, uh, more of the, uh, Caribbean and Afro-Latino uh, movement style, but a masterclass of choreography slash also mock audition. So he's going to be teaching you during these two hours, not just 5, 6, 7, 8. He's gonna be teaching you how to stand out. How to book that job, how to continuously book jobs, what people are looking for when you step inside of the rooms at auditions, all of this information is coming from him to whoever is going to be there for two hours straight 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. So listen, if you miss this and you live in Los Angeles, I, I, I have no empathy for you. <laugh> and I want to say any person who is listening because the early bird tickets have gone, but any person who is listening, you can get this for only $15 just because I love Dana. And I love her the Speaker 0 00:43:18 Heck Kara Speaker 2 00:43:19 Max. Oh, $15. Yeah. $15 for this masterclass in any other class that I'm gonna list. So that Saturday afternoon. Okay. But Saturday night, Speaker 0 00:43:29 September 17th, Saturday night. Tell me about it. Speaker 2 00:43:33 Saturday night, sweetie. Red carpet, Getty images dress. Speaker 0 00:43:38 I've already got Speaker 2 00:43:38 My look, press yes. Dress to impress. We are celebrating. Okay. It's not about, you know, getting this choreo. It's not about no, all of those stresses leave them at home. You get to listen to the sounds of DJ I freak, who is one of the top Nigerian DJs of Afro beats, Amma, piano, dance hall, R and B hip hop. She's gonna be spinning all night. And then my hubby, my get fall, who I, who has been the percussionist for Angelique kero for over 10 years and is accredited percussion composer for black Panther. The first one and the upcoming one Wakanda forever. He and his band max percussion will be performing live. So you'll hear west African music live live band. This is at 13 play lounge, 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM Speaker 0 00:44:40 Food. Let me tell you all Speaker 2 00:44:43 Of that. Speaker 0 00:44:44 <laugh> Kara. I, you just said 2:00 AM. And I was like, Kara, I, the only thing I've stayed up till 2:00 AM for is Brierton like Seth COVID. So we'll see if I am still hanging out at, at two in the morning. But curious as Speaker 2 00:44:59 Dana, you're gonna do it. You're gonna do it because you love me a lot. Speaker 0 00:45:02 I love you so much. Well, I cannot imagine walking away from that, from that like auto audio world, let alone all the people that I'm sure I will see and meet. So, um, I can't think of a better reason to be out until 2:00 AM. Honestly, even yes. Even, even baby birth on Bridger 10 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:45:22 So for the people who are used to trying to fill their bellies up before going out and dancing, no, you don't have to do that. 13 play lounge has food. Okay. 13 play lounge has drinks. 13 play lounge has everything that you need. You can dance, eat everything in house right there. Enjoy yourself. All right. So that's September 17th. So now Sunday, September 18th, we start back the workshop. So one to three, you're gonna get a masterclass from a beautiful dancer slash choreographer, AIA Akoto who will be teaching CUPE Dele and Afro beat. Okay. Two hours of those specific AF African dances. So after that 3:00 PM, I know you could get a 15 minute break, but I have to say 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You get a whole nother genre of style of dance called sabar vibes. Yes. By Imani diet tree. So you get three different Afro urban styles and traditional African styles that you don't get. Speaker 2 00:46:35 They're not the AOSA is in Atlanta. Amani is in Chicago. So these people were flown in by myself to make this happen. So one to three, then three to five boot camp style back to back, you only get like 15 minutes. I'll let you breathe for 15 minutes. Woo. All at Crenshaw yoga and dance. Okay. And once again, each class for the people that are listening can be $15 each cause you, so basically for a whole weekend, you guys, if you get it, you could get it for $45, three classes for a whole weekend for all of the listeners who listen to I Dana. Cause I just love you guys. Speaker 0 00:47:14 Yo, I Kara, I am whoa. Falling. I fell <laugh> <laugh> oh God. I'm so stoked. Like I, when I hear the amount of value that you are bringing, I am so stoked, like, huh? I will link the schedule. I will link the website in the show notes. Um, yeah, Kara, this is the greatest. Thank you so much for all that you offer and all that you do all that you've shared today. I appreciate you to the end, to all the, all the very end. Speaker 2 00:47:46 Thank you. I appreciate you Dana, because, um, from the first time that we met, once again, a part of me staying on path and making sure that I'm focused, I only connect with authentic, genuine human beings. Like back in my younger days, I could entertain the shenanigans, but now <laugh> now in my life. I'm like only authentic, genuine human beings who are also on that same vibe of yep. I'm on this path and whatever's going on here to the right of me here to left me, nothing matters. I'm on my path, I'm doing my thing. And so I just appreciate you always reaching out and always showing love, like, understand that. Speaker 0 00:48:33 Woo. I feel the love. Thank you, my friend. Happy to, happy to share in it, swim in it. Deep dive in it. If you will. All the info to Bobsy in African and America's event is gonna be in the show notes to this episode. Um, and we'll do this again sometimes. Certainly we'll go round three. Speaker 2 00:48:50 Yes. I love Speaker 0 00:48:52 It. Have a great rest of your day. My friend. Speaker 2 00:48:55 You too. Speaker 0 00:48:56 Bye Speaker 2 00:48:57 Bye. Speaker 0 00:49:03 Wowza, my friend, I simply adore this woman. I adore this woman and I adore her voice like the actual Sonic voice, but also the things she has to say, uh, especially loved this idea of influence starting with in I N flu. Uh, it's true. It does start in inside. Uh, it's true on more than one level, which is why I love it. Influence starts within, within and within. Okay. Moving on. I'm stoked about the launch event this weekend. Even more excited than I was before I had this conversation with Kara and now I'm triply excited because I hope to see you there. Um, as promised Cara is extending a special invite and discount to you, words that move me listeners. So I really hope to see you, um, to reserve your spot in classes and at the launch event, visit www dot B city, which is B O P S I D Y B O P S I D Y X a I a dot event. Speaker 0 00:50:19 Right.com. One more time. That's Bob city by a I, as in Africa, in America dot event, bright.com. I'm just gonna say it one more time. Just for the hell of it. Www dot B O P S I D Y X a I a dot event, bright.com. When you're there, click on the items classes or the launch event itself that you would like to add to your cart. Then use the promo code, bop, friend B O P F R I E N D. When you check out, that is how you get your special discount. Thank you so much for that, Cara. Thank you all so much for listening. I so hope you are enjoying what the podcast brings to you. If you are, please make your way into the comments and reviews section. It helps other people find the podcast. When you tell us how much you love it. Speaker 0 00:51:14 Um, or also I gain a lot. When you tell us what you might not love about it, I'm here for all the feedback I'm here for all the fields and I'm here for all the funk. Go out there, get into the world, keep it funky. I'll talk to you later. I was moving my body so much when I said that, I hope you could hear the movement. Okay. I'm out. Keep it funky. This podcast was produced by me with the help of many music by max Winnie logo and brand design by Bree, Reitz, and big thanks to Riley Higgins, our executive assistant and editor also massive, thanks to you. The mover, who is no stranger to taking action. So go take action. I will not cannot stop you from downloading episodes or leaving a review and a rating. I will not ban you for my online store for spending your heart earned money on the cool merch and awesome programs that await you. There. I will, 100% not stop you from visiting words that move me.com. If you wanna talk with me, work with me and make moves with the rest of the words that move me community. Oh, and also I will not stop you from visiting the Dana wilson.com. If you're curious about all the things that I do that are not words that move me related. All right, my friend, keep it funky. I'll talk to you.

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