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Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson

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This (100TH) episode is a peek into my life and mind!

Not only am I celebrating 100 episodes with a list of 100 things I am grateful for, I am also celebrating over 100k downloads!  Thank you all for ALL of your love and learning.  Now buckle up and get ready to get to know me better (...for better or for worse).


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Episode Transcript

Intro: This is words that move me, the podcast where movers and shakers, like you get the information and inspiration. You need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. I am your host master mover, Dana Wilson. And if you're someone that loves to learn, laugh and is looking to rewrite the starving artist story, then sit tight, but don't stop moving because you're in the right place. Well, hello. Hello, my friend. Welcome. I'm Dana. This is words that move me. And, um, whether you are new to the pod or one of my regulars, isn't it cool to be a regular, by the way, I want it to be a regular in more places. Anyways, whether you're new or a regular, I am stoked to have you for this 100th episode. What the heck you guys, I did a thing. I'm so sorry about this. (Air Horn Noises) Yeah. I downloaded several apps before I found the one that really makes me feel the celebratory come on. I mean, I really do love a good mile marker a milestone, and this one is super special because this episode also falls the day before Thanksgiving. And my win today is also podcast related. Um, if you are new to the podcast, we start every episode with wins. So let's get right into that because it's exciting. Not only am I celebrating episode 100, which is actually technically episode 105 due to bonus episodes and stories but I am also celebrating surpassing my goal of a hundred thousand downloads. Holy smokes. (Air Horn Noises) I'm going to stop. Um, yeah, that's it. That happened. I kind of forgot to keep an eye on that on the, on the listens downloads metrics for a couple of months. Um, and the last time I checked in a couple of days ago, we were sitting pretty at 103,000 some and counting. So thank you all for listening. Please do download episodes. You have to click an extra button for that. Sorry. I just love pushing buttons. We all love pushing buttons. Um, it's great because you can push the button. You can download the episode. It also, what it really means is that you get to have the podcast with you even when are not online. So when you are on an airplane or a train, or maybe if your carrier is T-Mobile in general, um, shade, sorry about that. T-Mobile, it's been a long relationship, but uh, really truly downloading the podcasts, keeps it with you. Um, makes them a little bit more easily accessible for you. And if you're really feeling AOL, please do leave a review and rating because that makes it easier for other people to find the podcast and sharing is caring. Let's go, okay, that's my win. 103,000 downloads and counting. Yes. Now you go, what's going well in your world. Amazing congratulations and keep winning. I'm proud of you takes a lot to be winning out there in the world. Cruel cruel world. This is a man's world of listening to a lot of James Brown. Lately uh, we'll get into that in a second, but first up when I know, I'm sorry, I'm just going to keep winning all over the place. I taught a Monday night masterclass for the performing arts center here in LA and it was so, so, so much fun. Shout out to all who came and got funky with me, literally hot and sweaty. But, um, I I'm bringing this up because at the end of class I made sort of a joke. Um, in preparation for Thanksgiving, I asked everyone to state out loud, something that they are grateful for on the count of three. So I said 1, 2, 3, and then there was this indecipherable cacophony that happened in a really, really loved this marbly rumbly sound where you could maybe make out part of a word. Um, so we did it like three or four times in a row. And I joked that I would like to have everyone that was in class. Come on the podcast for a little 1, 2, 3 gratitude game, and just do that for 30 to 45 minutes. And I do still think that that is a great idea, but whoa, lots to coordinate. So maybe I'll put that in the parking lot for next year today, I am rounding out 100 episodes and a nod to being thankful on Thanksgiving by listing 100 things. I am grateful for. I promise this episode, won't read like a grocery list or listen, it won't listen like grocery list. How do you say that? How would I say that? If you're not reading you're listening? Hmm. It won't feel like I'm reading you my grocery list. That's what I'm trying to say. Um, because there are some fun little stories and anecdotes in there, but let me tell you what I got to places while making this list where I was seriously looking at my life, like, damn, is this real? Is it I'm living a dream? This is incredible. Wow. Is this so great? And I also got to places where I thought really is that all you've got is that like a really, we're going to be grateful for red wine right now. Really that okay. A little shallow perhaps, but I digress. It was a ride. I love this little project and I encourage every one of you to try it on for size. Here we go. 100 things. I am grateful for get ready. Oh, preface. This is going to seem like this list goes in order of importance. I assure you it does not, but it will seem like that. At first, this is a, a, a wandering weave through my mind. And my mind does not always work in order of importance, shocker, creative, human being, um, with a relatively short attention span. How does one measure their attention span? Like what are the units of measurement for an attention span? See, there we go here. What are a hundred things that I am grateful for? We're going to start off with my voice, my body, which is where my voice lives, my home, which is where my body lives, music, dance, and Daniel, my husband, and the vice chief five down already. Holy smokes. I'm grateful for my parents. And let me get real specific here. I'm grateful for the hard decisions that they made to split up was one of those decisions. I'm grateful for them and their choices and their jobs. My dad, the dentist, my mom, the flight attendant. So I got no cavities and to travel the world for free shout out parentals. Thanks for that. I'm grateful for my mom's artistic nature, art and colorful things have been a part of my life since I was very young. And for that, I am very grateful. I'm grateful for my brother and my sister who are hysterical and supportive in kind and loving and foolish in all the great ways. It wasn't until pretty recently, actually like as an adult that I sort of found out, not everybody likes their siblings. Not everybody gets along with their siblings. So I have to count that as a blessing. I love you, bro. Love you, sis. Big, big deal that I get to be your sister, I think is pretty sweet. Ready for the deep dive on shallow things. Well, here comes number 10. I am so grateful for what? For red wine. I have been drinking too much red wine. I'm kidding, it's actually been a while since my last glass of red wine, but I love that stuff. I also love and am grateful for dark chocolate specifically at trader Joe's. They have a 100% dark chocolate. It's called Montezuma's. Montezuma's something Montezuma's dark chocolate. As far as I'm concerned that stuff tastes like some combination of asphalt and dirt and straight up nibs. And I just love it. I love it so much. It is such a palate cleanser for me, most people wince, when they taste it, I've stopped sharing it with people because usually the response is not a good response. Um, but I love me some, what is it called? Hold on. I'm going to look it up. Yes. Got him. Montezuma's absolute black. 100% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Did he say cacao or do you say Coca-Cola or do you say cocoa wall? What do you, how do you say that word? Cocoa nibs. Wow. Y'all I might just be buying a case of that. You know what? I'm not pumping the brakes a little on the dark chocolate and the red wine and the coffee, which, oh, I left coffee out of my list. That's how, you know, times are changing. Um, since vocal cord surgery, I have been, uh, shifting to a lower, relatively lower acid diet. So it will not be buying a crate of Montezuma's. Absolutely. What is it? Absolute dark, 100% asphalt chocolate moving right along number 12, reusable straws. Y'all I have so many, I could start a small wind orchestra. I could weave them together and build a little flute like Peter pan has. Speaker 0 00:12:10 I use some for straw donations for voice therapy, but mostly I just use them because I love ocean wildlife. And I don't like the idea of hurting ocean creatures with my sipping straws. You know? Sorry. We're moving on. Um, while we're on the subject of water though, and the ocean waterproof notebooks, you probably don't know until you've been on set of a movie or music video, how crucial it is to have a waterproof notebook because nine times out of 10, there's going to be water. Why pavement looks better when it's wet, concrete looks better when it's wet dancers usually look better when they're wet. So all of you listening should invest in a waterproof notebook. That brings me to number 14, posted freaking notes. Can you imagine a world without a post-it note? That was my phone saying no, what can't um, I can't either. I really love them. Use them all the time. Think they're the greatest number 15, kind of on the opposite side of the eco-friendly spectrum. I am really, really super grateful for tampons. Can we just reflect on times, medieval times before tampons? I just, wow. That's not the life for me. Um, and I'll be real honest. I have tried the cup. I can't do it. It's too much information for the podcast, but shit went wrong. It really did go wrong. Um, I'm a tampon person, very grateful for those. They are number 15 on the list. It's not an order. Number 16, the Lord of the rings trilogy. If you've been listening to the podcast for any length of time, you know that if this were an order of importance list, LOT are, would be in the top, like probably 10. So this is just my wandering brain number 17, Justin freaking Timberlake. You're you're just, you're the greatest. I'm grateful. Marty. Kudelka you too. My friend. I am so grateful for you for your friendship, for your mentorship, for your friend tour ship. By the way, I'm also grateful for portmanteaus portmanteaus are the, uh, it's the, it's the actual technical word, a word gather. When you splice two words together to make them one word it's later, later down the list. We'll talk about it later. I am grateful for Tony freaking Basil, this woman, oh, probably the most mentioned person on the podcast. She's my dance mom. We're going to leave it at that for now, until she actually comes on the podcast and explain herself to you with more dynamics than that. Um, but she is one of the most dynamic women that I have ever known and gotten to learn from firsthand. Uh, certainly one of the funkiest people I've ever met, I'm grateful for funk, by the way, I'm grateful for this new book that I got. I got this textbook that is all about funk and it is like an actual textbook, but I got it in a PDF form. Don't worry. It's still cost like $80 because it is a ridiculous mass of information. But I didn't want to read this definition of funk, especially because I talk about keeping it funky on the podcast, literally in every episode. And I wanted to, uh, read you this definition of funk. According to George Clinton, the George Clinton of P-Funk Funkadelic, the funkiest in a rolling stone interview. George Clinton said that funk is quote, anything. You need it to be to save your life. It is a way of getting out of that bind that you get in mentally and physically. Wow. I love that so much. Funk is anything you need it to be to save your life. It is a way of getting out of that bind that you get into mentally and physically hell yes, I am grateful for funk. I am also extremely grateful for the thing that saves my life every time I think about it, the thing and the people, the seaweed, sisters, Jillian Meyers, and Megan Lawson. I love you. You are the funkiest thing in the world to me, I'm going to cry you guys. This is so good. That brings us to number 22. I really like this one a lot. I am so grateful for not having a quote real job, unquote, that is very closely related to number 23. I'm so grateful that I don't have to go to school for someone who loves learning so much. I love really, really, really love not going to school. I used to throw legendary tantrums, apocalyptic tantrums about going to school. I just hated going to school. I didn't mind being at school really, but going there, I hated it so genuinely every day that I don't have to go to school. I'm remembering my young, young self. And I'm like, you did it. He really, you got through it and now you don't have to go to school anymore. I'm so grateful for that. Um, well, let's see. Where was it? Ah, yes. I'm grateful for dancing in big spaces. I'm grateful for musicals. I love musicals. It's embarrassing. How much I love musicals because I think maybe historically they're not the coolest thing to really, really love, but I really, really loved them. I'm grateful for beach bonfires and, and while I'm on the subject of fire, I am grateful for candles. I am becoming a person that really likes to have candles burning and really grateful that that has never gone wrong in my life. I am grateful for thrift stores. Holy smokes. I love them. I am grateful for hairstylists that really get curly hair. I am grateful for photographers and directors and DPS that really get dance. I am grateful for recording artists that share the spotlight with dance. I am grateful for the internet. I'm grateful for, um, I'm gonna say this wrong you guys, but I'm going to try my best Grifters pest steals, pesty lace. I don't know what, I'm pretty sure. G R E T H E R S P a S T I L L E S. I'm particularly far they're like throat lozenges for throat and voice with glycerin and elderflower extract. Um, I have, my favorite is the elderflower flavor. So I'm going to go ahead and throw elder flower on my list of grateful things as well. I love these dudes. Um, they keep my voice feeling so good. So shout out you guys whose name? I can't pronounce. Oh wow. This is big one. I am grateful for Munos tacos. My husband introduced me to Muno and his legendary barbacoa probably six years ago, downtown LA. And recently we came to learn that Muno has a daughter and Munos daughter has a truck here in the valley, kind of in the, I guess it's technically Northridge area. Um, I believe the cross streets at this time and you know how these, these trucks are, they can, they can move. That's kind of the point, uh, Sherman way. And Hayvenhurst, Sherman way Haven Hayvenhurst, but they're not there every day of the week. Um, that is how you know it's good is that it runs out and when it runs out, they're not there. Muno, thank you for your tacos. That brings us to number 35, sticking a kind of staying on a food thought, Pho 87 downtown on Broadway, wholly smokes it's the best shout out Tim. Thinking about you. Number 36. Wow. I'm grateful for teaching. Sometimes. I really do think that if I didn't like teaching so much, I might not choreograph. I actually choreograph primarily to be teaching and sharing. I love sharing dance and teaching might be my favorite way of doing that related to dance indirectly. I really, really love. And I'm grateful for leggings that don't make me want to die. Leggings are not my favorite. If you know me in person, think about the last time you saw me wearing a legging. It doesn't happen because they're hard for me to find. I don't know. I don't know. That's that's it. I have a few pairs of leggings that are really, really love. I'm grateful for them. Thank you, leggings. I'm grateful for the carwash across the street that finally shut up. I mean, it's happening right now. I can hear it, but very quietly. You probably can't, which is awesome. Thank you, ocean carwash for getting your *bleep together. Um, I am grateful for my external disc drive. Um, like my external, like a USB DVD, like actual disc player for my desktop, which allows me to make use of my extensive DVD collection, which I'm also grateful for, but it did not garner its own place on the gratitude list. I don't know how you guys, it's just my brain. That brings us to number 40. I'm grateful for the X-Files. And I'm just going to say that here. And I'm just going to leave that I'm grateful for the house that I grew up in, in lake shore on a man-made lake with like three eyed fish in five legged, frogs and ducks and duck poop everywhere. Um, that house was really something special and I'm grateful for it. I am grateful for Romy and Michele's high school reunion for gifting me with the aspiration of wearing colors and dressing, not like a little boy, but like a grownup woman, a plate playful, bold grown-up woman. Um, love that movie. Love it so much. It really was a huge part of my stylistic awakening as a young person. Um, I am grateful for my nieces, Amelia and Charlotte. Oh my gosh. You light me up. I'm grateful for my extended family. Holy cow. I definitely could have, should have mentioned them earlier, but jackpot reaches Jensen's I love you. I am so grateful to have you as my extended brothers, sisters, moms, dads, nieces, nephews, family, y'all are truly something else I got. So lucky. Number 45, embarrassing like how is it that I can be this, this shallow? I dunno, but it it's, it's real. This is something I really am grateful for. Serve yourself. Frozen yogurt paid for by the ounce. To me, this food revelation is even more important than Postmates. Like the day I could get my hands on my own frozen yogurt and just get a little bit if I want, like, it was a really big day for me. I'm really, really grateful for that. That's it? I'm just, that's, it's part of who I am. I'm a person who really enjoys yogurt land. I'm just going to say and sorry if I'm ruffling any Pinkberry fans out there, but it's just not it for me. It's yogurt land through and through. But if you are a person who's lived in LA for a really long time, then you know that yogurt land aint *bleep where it's really at his studio city, frozen yogurt, rest in peace, moving right along, oddly this cropped up to my mind and I it's, it's, it's strong. This is strong, but it's kind of like, fear-based, I'm really grateful that I learned how to drive on a manual transmission because I'm constantly afraid that somewhere out there in the world, something might happen. Natural disaster carjacking. I don't know. And I might have to escape from zombies and the only available car might be a manual transmission. And I'm just really glad that I learned how to do that when I was young. And now it's in my bones, although it has been awhile moving right along, I'm grateful for Peloton because if the zombie apocalypse happened, I could ride a bike for a long time. Well, I could ride a stationary bike for a really long. It's been a while since I wrote an actual bike. I should try that again. Um, it's just keeps getting better. I'm grateful for electric toothbrushes. Anyone else? God, nothing like that. Clean. Sometimes on convention weekends. I don't bring it. I just use like the old fashioned handheld toothbrush. And then I get home Sunday night and I'm like walk in the door and go for my toothbrush because I love that clean tooth feeling. Number 49, creeping up on 50 here I am so grateful for Google drive slash the Google suite. I understand it. It makes sense. It's all in one place is pretty intuitive. I mean, spreadsheets I'm getting there, but for the most part, woof, my life exists there. Oh man. Number 50 special, super grateful for my cannon. Vic SIA mini. That is the camera that was with me and almost single-handedly, which is a funny thing to say, but it is also true because the camera's tiny. Single-handedly responsible for my 420 some consecutive days of doing daily. That camera, the Canon Vixy mini is the greatest thing on the market. As far as I'm concerned, it is still my favorite camera. I don't go anywhere without it. Big love. Speaking of don't go anywhere without my Lulu lemon cruiser backpack 2014 edition. If you don't already know how I feel about this backpack, I have an episode dedicated exclusively to it. I don't remember the episode number right now, but it'll be in the show notes promise. I mean, I've got feelings about backpacks number 52 related the backpack sized foam roller from go pro no, go roll, go someone. It will also be in the show notes, but unfortunately you have to find that and the Lulu lemon cruiser on eBay, because they are not making these items anymore. Fools, speaking of foolish, number 53, those silicone miniature hands and feet, you know, the tiny, tiny hands and feet that they make. Oh, I'm so grateful that somebody thought of that and then made those because cheap thrills I'm grateful. Speaking of cheap, cheap thrills, the hours that I've spent on Tumblr, I am so grateful for Tumblr. Tumbler is, I mean, for different reasons, ranks superior to Instagram. Actually Instagram is not on my list at all. That's interesting. I am grateful for Tumblr and I'm grateful for memes. Memes really did get their own item on my gratitude list because they helped me make sense of the world. And I love that. I am also grateful for inner reader, which is my RSS feed. Um, it's how I learned about the things that are on the internet and they just come to me instead of me having to go to them. I hope that makes sense. Shout out in a reader. Um, I love, love, love, and I'm grateful for jumbo, Sharpies and jumbo notepads because sometimes big ideas need big pens and paper. I stand by that sticking to it. I'm also grateful for sidewalk chalk because sometimes big ideas need to be written on the sidewalk and sometimes small ideas and sometimes no ideas, but just flowers and shapes and rainbows. I'm also grateful for comedians and clowns because I love to be laughing. And I think comedians and clowns have a tremendous responsibility. I admire them. I'm grateful that they exist. I'd like to be one someday. Number 60, I'm grateful for peanut butter, nut butter in general, but oof, I put peanut butter on everything. Don't test me. Don't even test me. Name something, name something. I'll put peanut butter on it. Broccoli. Yep. You better believe it. Steamed or raw? I don't care carrots. Yes. I, 100% dip carrots in peanut butter. Um, spoon for example, I definitely put peanut butter on a spoon and we'll just eat that. Um, taking a page out of the Ted lasso playbook, I will just dip my finger into the peanut butter jar and then lick that finger until the peanut butter is gone. Oh guys, here we go. Here we are. It really feel like we're getting closer. Um, oh, let's see. Here we go. Hummus. I'm grateful for hummus. And I do want to add here that there are some things that are simply not worth making yourself and hummus and peanut butter are two of those things. Those things you just should buy. Um, oh my God. I am grateful for my clogs. You guys, Jesus Christ. My clogs. Um, I love my clogs more than I love any other shoe that I've ever owned ever, including my first pair of Pointe shoes. My super-sweet Tom Ford shoes from tour. I mean really? They are the best. Um, they're made by a company called, oh, hold on. Okay. I know I can remember it it's cause I can't pronounce it. It's spelled F E I T, which might be like a clever way of saying feet or it might be fiance. I really, I really don't know. But um, I got them, I got these clogs like three or four years ago at the store in Soho in New York fit F E I T I dunno. And um, they came with a little hand signed note from the man who hand made them and they were not cheap, but they were worth every single penny. Every time I put them on, I make an audible remark about how wonderful they are and how great I feel in them. And I do not feel bad about finding such tremendous pleasure in something so tremendously materialistic as a pair of clogs, but they've got Lamb's wool inside of them. They're stacked. They have like work boot rubber soles. Oh, too good. Um, where was I? Great clogs. I'm grateful for exfoliating gloves. How about that little guys you were in the shower. I love a good scrub. I am grateful for Epsom salt because I love a good soak and it really, really does make a difference if you were a dancer or physical performer that does not believe in Epsom baths. It's probably because you haven't given them a chance. I feel tremendously different when I take Epsom baths regularly. Just think about it while we're on the body tuning front. I am so grateful for my body tuning pillow. Shout out Gary, TechOne the man that designed this pillow. He is formerly a stint corridor ne wo coordinator. Um, he is a movement coach. He worked on the Irishman and um, I can't remember how I came upon Gary and this body tuning pillow, but it really changed the game for me. I lay on this thing at least five minutes a day, so great. Will 100% be linking in the show notes. Uh, this one's nice. I'm so grateful for my dance studio. Michelle Latimer also like mentioned in every other episode, probably. Um, Michelle Latimer dance academy is where I grew up, um, to, to Michelle and the studio. I owe everything that community brought me valuable training and relationships and is really the reason why I am me, brought me my best friends, shout out Chelsea and brought me my inspirations. Shout out Nina McNeely and um, so many sources of many more. And, uh, man, oh, so grateful for Michelle and the studio. I am grateful for Tevia Celiy my spin teacher and super guru wonder woman. Like probably a Demi God, I wouldn't be shocked if later like a hundred and some years from now, we find out that like Greek mythology is real and Tevia Ceily is the descendant of some God of stamina and resilience. Um, Tevia shout out, love you. Thank you for your impact on my life. Um, I'm grateful for growing up with pets, shout out blanche and Sluggo, the English bulldogs, shout out cookie and peanut and chip. They were hamsters. Also shout out Mike and Ike, the salamanders. Ooh, not such a good end for them. And they're going to talk about it. Also Sadie, our bulldog boxer mix and Maxwell Maxwell was duck. We, um, we found him orphaned in our backyard and raised him and named him after the Beatles song. Um, oh and tequila, my Senegal parrot. Now I know that sounds kind of maybe like a, maybe was raised on a farm, but it was raised for 18 years in the suburbs and having that many pets over 18 years. Isn't that extreme? Isn't I think it's pretty normal. Oh man. I can't wait to meet my future dog. I think I'm going to name him. Lock lock, like the locking move lock lock, or maybe restorable or cheese undecided. I will take a pet name recommendations by the way. Definitely open to that. Go ahead and send a little DM to word the move me podcast. Always down to hear good pet names. Um, okay. Wow. This is taking longer than I thought. Number 72, my coaches and my coach certification. These tools. I do not know what I would do without. Um, oh my God. I'm so grateful for external hard drives because locks L O C K S S lots of copies keeps stuff safe. If you were waiting for a sign that you need to go back up, your hard drives and your laptop and go do a cloud sync or whatever it is that you do, go do it. Go do it right now. You will not be mad that you did. Oh, weird. Yes. This one's true. I am grateful for TheraBands. Really grateful for TheraBands because you get a good workout with those and they weigh nothing. So they travel really well. I am grateful for dance studios. I am grateful for dance studio owners. I'm grateful for people who create space, where dance can be. I'm grateful for remixed vintage dance shoes, show notes, just go. Just do it. Just definitely, definitely go click that link. I'm grateful for eggs. Always have eggs. I'm grateful for my notes app on my iPhone. You all. It is so deep. It is really a very, very rich place in my phone life. I'm grateful for therapy. This is a new place in my, in my life. It also is rich and is affording me so much opportunity to learn and understand myself in my world holey smokes. And with that, my friend, we are going to take a very brief intermission for a few words from our sponsors. Say like, uh, there are no sponsors for this episode. I know I'm mentioning a lot of products and things, but I want to be really clear that none of these are paid promotions. These are just the things in my life that I love. And I want to tell you about, um, so there is that there are no sponsors, this is a fake intermission, but a good time to breathe, right? 80 we're way more than halfway through. Get ready for, um, 80 plus of the things that I am grateful for and more of this funky, funky music. Okay. We're back. And we're digging right in to number 80, number 80 we're there. I am grateful for ice packs and heating pads in my 35 years of dance life. I have come to be so appreciative for these two items. Um, actually I'm standing right now with one of these like rice rice bag, hot pack things. You just pop it in the microwave. I wear it on my shoulders or wrap it around my neck, big, big fan of this thing. And then I've been traveling when I go out for a conventions and whatnot. Um, I travel with reusable, Ziploc bags, and I use those, um, to fill up with the ice machine with the ice, fill up with ice from the ice machine. Um, and yeah, I sing, my knees is part of my almost daily routine. I just love the feeling of snow caps on my kneecaps, big, big fan. Um, oh man, I am grateful that I'm a person who is comfortable like air travel totally comfortable for me. And I take that for granted. I am so grateful for that. And that tracks back to the mom is a flight attendant thing. Um, I am grateful for trader Joe's. Don't even get me into the products themselves that I'm grateful for. We're just going to wrap it up with trader Joe's super stoked about that. I am really grateful for streak free glass cleaner. There's this particular brand that my husband got me on. I use it on my computer screen. I use it on the mirrors in the studio. I use it on the microwave because somehow that things just gets greasy and typical Windex stuff. Doesn't really handle it. This streak free glass cleaner is the one show notes. This is not an ad. I'm just being real with you. Um, okay. Number 84, this one was tough because I also hate them, but I'm really grateful for hangers. I really do love them and hate them. Um, but I couldn't wouldn't want to live without them. Um, I joke with my husband sometimes whose work is in materials and his work is his tools. His shop is full of his tools. My shop is empty. Like my shop is a dance studio, but my tools are my clothes and I love my closet. It's one of those deep walk-in closets. And I simply do not know what I would do without a method for which to hang all of my tools. Um, so I love hangers, but if you were to ask me for what my idea of hell might look like, it would be a box of hangers just strewn inside hangers or Ooh, maybe really the worst actually, but grateful. Did you hear that hangers? I love you be kind to me. Um, well, where am I? This is gone left, uh, right street, free glass, cleaner hangers. Um, I am grateful for my basic sewing knowledge. I can handle a button. I can handle a him. I can handle, um, uh, an invisible seem like I can sew up a hole on something. I'm pretty grateful for that. Honestly, I can thread a sewing machine pretty quickly, but I think I prefer to do two like hand stitch. And I know how to do that if I have to do that ever. Um, another tough one. Oh no, this is not a tough one. I am grateful for my mom's super sowing, super talent. The idea that I can make my own costumes and that they can be awesome. I get that from her and I love to be making my own things, my own costumes, my own worlds. Um, it's been awhile, but the seaweed sisters, I think I celebrated in a recent episode, we have a win coming up in those are, we finished, uh, shooting a new project and the costumes that you will see in this new project are very handmade as are many of the things in the world that we will show you in this upcoming video, a very handmade place. I'm excited about it. Um, oh man. Oh yes. I am so grateful for growing up before social media happened. Really super grateful for that. Um, wait, repeat you guys. No way learning how to drive a stick shift is on here. Again. I didn't even know it was that real for me, but I guess I'm doubly grateful for that. Okay. Here we go. Fun one. I'm grateful for growing up in a col-de-sac you can learn things, um, without the fear of dying or being hit by a car. Um, yeah, I think that's really what it comes down to. That's where I learned how to ride a bike. And that's where I learned how to hit a baseball, which will struggle. Um, we had a handful of block parties there. I remember riding a skateboard, but like on my knees, like using my arms is as propulsion and just like scooting around on my knees in the middle of a col de sac, weird. Um, also had great neighbors growing up, shout out to the cost is that he bollix the Western amens. Oh my goodness. Growing up at the lake shore, that was a special thing. I am grateful for seaweed snacks. I simply love them all so much. And I know I already said it, but it really does bear repeating. I am so grateful for the seaweed sisters. I have to say it twice. Um, oh, number 91. Okay. So we're almost there home stretch. I'm grateful for Eataly because I can shop and eat like I'm in Italy, but not go to Italy, which is more expensive. Debatable. Actually you could spend a lot of money in Italy, but I'm so grateful that there one in Los Angeles now, because it really does feel like I can take a vacation, um, for a hours and then be back home for dinner. Uh, I am grateful for many teachers. If you know me, you know, I love a tiny, tiny, tiny, small thing. That is a small thing. That is a representation of a big thing. Um, miniatures make me feel big feelings. Uh, this is another reason why I think the Lord of the rings trilogy is so perfect because they used miniatures in an incredible way on the production of that film. Um, oh man. Okay. Here it is. 93. I'm grateful for portmanteaus. We talked about it already, but the word gather thing, I derive a crazy pleasure from building these word gathers. Um, and I just wanted to let you in on my most recent, I was responsible for organizing the secret Santa, um, for my husband's side of the family. And I wanted to create a portmanteau, a code name for Santa and Dana, and that portmanteau wound up being Santana. And I will just leave you with that. Um, I'm grateful for the ocean and living near it. I am grateful for inflatable mattress pumps because no I don't love sleeping on the floor and I don't love the thought of blowing up a full size mattress with my lungs. I am grateful for professional movers. I, I really believe in the value of professional moving teams. And I believe in the value of professional cleaners, I haven't had one for a very long time because I also enjoy cleaning my place, but I really am grateful for clean spaces and professional cleaning people. I'm tremendously grateful for my guests on the podcast. All of whom are my friends who are willing to share their words that move them. I'm tremendously grateful for my team. Riley Higgins, Malia Baker, Andrew vibal, Flo who did my website, Bee Reetz for the logo max Winnie for those jams that you hear the top and bottom. And during winds of every episode, my husband who built my podcast booth guys a hundred episodes, definitely doesn't happen alone. And that brings me to number 100. I'm grateful for you. People who listen, people who are curious and people who I feel very connected to, although I may not have met you yet. I think this is a very special thing that we have going on here and I don't plan on stopping. So cheers to the next 200. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Oh, and I totally forgot we're doing a contest. I'm giving away $100 cash. It's a hundredth episode, super giveaway. You have one week from today. I think, oh man, I don't remember the contest details. Go over to Instagram at where the movie podcasts and check that out. Um, because holy smokes, I'm excited to give away a hundred dollars in cash. Um, the way that you enter is by posting a story or post on your feed, tagging nine people, plus words that move me, who you think would love the podcast. Um, they do have to be, uh, every, every time you do this counts as one entry, but it has to be different names for it to count as two entries. That wasn't a very clear way of explaining what I am trying to explain. Um, head over to where's the movie podcasts on Instagram to learn more about the drawing, um, enter as many times as you would like. And I hope that you win a hundred dollars in celebration of my hundredth episode. Thank you. So, so, so much for listening. Go get out there, get grateful. And of course, keep it super funky. I'll talk to you soon. Me again. Wondering if you ever noticed that one more time. Almost never means one more time. Well, here on the podcast, one more thing actually means two more things. Number one thing. If you're digging the pod, if these words are moving you, please don't forget to download, subscribe and leave a rating or review your words. Move me to number two things I make more than weekly podcasts. So please visit the dinners and.com for links to free workshops. And so, so much more. All right, that's it now for real talk to you soon. Bye.

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