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The podcast where movers and shakers like you get the information and inspiration you need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. Master mover, Dana Wilson, taps into 15 years of industry experience, and talks to some of the best in the entertainment biz, who have been there and done that so that you don’t have to… do it alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 15 The Seaweed Sisters: WHO ARE WE, AND... WHAT IS THIS???

    Without giving away ALL of our secrets, Jillian Meyers, Megan Lawson and I demystify our unicorn performance project-- The Seaweed Sisters.  This episode lets you into our world and our process. At the core of every seaweed spore, you’ll find serious ...


  2. Ep. #14 Finding Your Tribe

    The first step to finding your tribe is to connect with yourself.  This episode will help you do just that. Learn how to reveal your core values, and shift the way you judge character, to make meaningful and lasting connections (even ...


  3. Ep. #13 “Winning Even When You’re Down” with Tiler Peck

    Tiler Peck, principal ballerina with New York City Ballet talks training, streaming class on socials, and finding herself AND HER STRENGTH thanks to the most challenging time of her life.This episode is all about flipping the question: “Why is this happening to ...


  4. Ep #12 Caring is Cool with Nick Palmquist

    In times where there is talk of death, and doubt, and crisis and collapse: This episode talks the renaissance. A rebirth of art, culture and community. A re-definition of work and education, and especially connection. Renaissance man, Nick Palmquist shares ...


  5. BONUS EPISODE: Responding to Emergencies

    I don't believe in superstitions or Friday the 13th being an unlucky day... but I do believe we are seeing some rather unfortunate times right now. You may agree. So, I am recording this podcast outside of my regular weekly ...