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The podcast where movers and shakers like you get the information and inspiration you need to navigate your creative career with clarity and confidence. Master mover, Dana Wilson, taps into 15 years of industry experience, and talks to some of the best in the entertainment biz, who have been there and done that so that you don’t have to… do it alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. #11 Is a Small Social Media Following Keeping you from BIG Work? (with Sam Hersch)

    Special Guest Sam Hersch doesn’t call himself a dancer, but he supports the dance community in many ways.  Has he found a way that the dance community can better support itself? When he started www.questionsfordancerstoday.com that is what he was ...


  2. Ep #10. Your Social Media Store Front

    There are certainly dark corners and terrible evils at work behind the curtains of the social media-sphere, but places like Instagram, and Youtube are also a great (and free) place to share your work and connect with a global audience.  This episode ...


  3. Ep #9. 3 Words That Changed My (Dance) Life with Jason Bonner

    Episode 9 will leave you feeling fine. Personal trainer to the stars, Jason Bonner is on the podcast to talk motivation and excellence.  These words will help you take your work to the next level whether you’re in the gym, in the studio, ...


  4. Ep #8 Why My Headshots Won't Suck

    A headshot is a picture of your head and Episode #8 takes a look at what is going on inside of it on a big shoot day.  From hair & make up to mind set.  From backdrops & wardrobe to wide ...


  5. Ep. #7 Travel Hacks (Weekend Edition)

    Travel hack attack! Episode 7 is all about my tried and true tricks for travel.  It’s the what, the why and the HOW I pack, and the sweet secrets that can make a work weekend feel like a holiday! SHOW ...